Here you find our beloved belgians. Some live with us and some live with family or friends on breedingterms/co-ownerships.

Our males:


Karin Jesper Eternitys foto. Karin Eternitys foto.
SR NUCH SW VW-15  Eternity´s Vici Eternity´s Grimm Jr SR Eternity´s Lynx Eternity´s Shiraz

Our "frozen boys":

Int CH NordCh DKCHNUCH NORDV 96 SV-96 + 97 KORAD  Eternity´s Gilthanas NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot

FeOur females:

Eternity Belgians foto.
SR NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck SW JW-14 SW JW -15 Eternity´s Juby Eternity´s Karma Eternity´s Nirvana Eternity´s Princess Eternity´s Queen



Eternity Belgians foto. Karin Eternitys foto. Karin Eternitys foto.
SW JW-12 Eternity´s Diwa Eternity´s Grimoire SR Eternity´s Oscah Eternity´s Operah Eternity´s Secret 



Males from our breeding for stud:

  SR NORWCH DKCH KBHVW-14BISS Eternity´s Calvin Eternity´s Echo

American CH HIC HT Eternity´s Djinn

Australian CH Eternity´s Xavier

pE Belg YouthCH Romanian CH Eternity´s Kwando

pE Romanian CH Eternity´s Jerome


Eternity´s Mick Jagger


Retired from breeding

2 x BIS SW CH Eternity´s Yrah

Our stars in the sky

KORAD NordW-99 NW-00 SW-01 Hexen House Eternityh NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot

Eternity´s Qarismah

Eternity´s Spexa

NW-08 Eternity´s Vega

Eternity´s Varjas(owned by Karins brother


Broccio du Bois du Tot

Delark Paco Rabanne

Mahagonnys Xodus

Delator Magic Flute

Delator Daughter of the Moon

Eternity´s Ikaros of Qualinost


Hexen House Bright Brandy Hexen House Vhyrus Hexen House Yago Ynes de Romanin


Vaquitas Alice of Eternity

Eternity´s Juventas

KORAD Eternity´s Jasmine

Eternity´s Qatah

Eternity´s The One


Xandra de Sincfal

Eternity´s Orcah

NordW-99 Eternity´s Legend

Red Goblins Carmah Eternity