(IntCh BelgCh LuxCh GermCh FrCh NethCh Q.O.N s.r R.E Grimm van de Hoge Laer x Grimmendans Zoe)

Male born: 2003-02-19--2010-12-29

Health:  HIPS/ELBOWS: HD-B/A (FCI), ED-A (0/0)
Complete Scissor Bite and seizure free.

Shows: Norwegian CH, several CACIB, BOB and  BIG 2. Always placed among the top 4 at breedspecialtys.

Working: Competed and got approved in tracking class I before he got ill in borrelia/ehrlichia november 2007(disease from ticks). Also started education for becoming a militarydog autumn 2007 for the swedish defense but had to quit.

 Charactertest: MH descpription with result 1 in shooting.

A HUGE THANKS to Paula & Firmin for letting the dog of our dreams, son to the outstanding Grimm and halfbrother to the gorgeus Lupus, become a member of our family!

Camlots offspring

We have frozen semen from Camlot.


Camlot was my very longed for precious prince, son to the legendary Grimm van de Hoge Laer. I fell in love with him when he was 3 weeks and I was so happy the day he went with me home. Iīm forever thankful to our friends Paula & Firmin for letting him share our lifes. Camlot was a wonderful dog in everyway. He was very good in tracking and did well on showsm, but his soul and calm, strong and relaxed temperament was his most wonderful part. He was the leader of the pack and a very good one, always good with other dogs and pups. Unfortunaly he got bitten by a sick tick which gave him borrelia/ehrlichia 2007. Since then his immunsystem have tried to fought it back. Unfortunaly it got cronical, like on many other dogs and It went up and down, and I was lucky he didnīt get kidney failure or meningitis which is very common. What he did get, was pain in his joints. During spring and summer it was ok, but every winter he got pain, fever etc and was put on antibiotics and painkillers. This winter it came earlier than normal because of the huge cold this year. He tried, he fought back and he kept his happy tail, smiling face and happy mood all the way to the end. But the end had to come, he just got to much pain....and the medicin didnīt help no more.

He will leave such a big hole in our family that itīs impossible to explain. My prince, the leader of the pack and the dog of my dreams has left us. Sleep well my PRINCE, I will love you to the end of time!!!

                I will live forever

                    If you always keep me in your mind
                    And it doesn't matter
                    How far I am
                    If I ever leave you
                    I'm gonna be there by your side
                    If you ever need me
                    Well, here I am
                    I'm gonna live forever
                    Don't you ever forget
                    And all the stars in heaven
                    Will shine for me
                    I'm gonna live forever
                    No never forget
                    And no one's lost in heaven's

                         You will live in our hearts for eternity....



Grimm van de Hoge Laer Zarka of the Two Vici des Hauts de Bievre
Undine du Bois du Tot
Beggy of the Two If du Puits dīOmbelle
Juby des Trois Fleuves
Grimmendans Zoe Millo van de Hoge Laer Cartoon du Perigord Vert
Iljes van de Hoge Laer
Urane de la Maison du Bois Dandy du Chemin des Dames
Quoralie de la Maison du Bois


  Photo taken by Alyn, kennel Kvina. Camlot 3 weeks old Camlot 3,5 weeks old Camlot 4 weeks old Camlot 5 weeks old