NEWS 2012



Eternity┤s Diwa was 1st Exc in Juniorclass at International Kennelclubshow in Stockholm and got the title Swedish Juniorwinner  2012.

NO UCH Eternity┤s Vici was 3rd Excellent in Championclass.

New puppyplans!

Eternity┤s Avalon has been x-rayed with A hips & free elbows and also eyes tested clear.

NO UCH Eternity┤s Vici has been proud father again: Spader Ess Miss Granada has given birth to 1 male & 4 females at kennel Spader Ess. Congratulations!




New puppyplans!!!

Eternity┤s Elijah has moved to Norway and kennel Brukbare & kennel Montmorenja. We wish them the best of luck in the future!



New photos of Eternity┤s Elijah, who is looking for an active home in working & showing!

New photo of Eternity┤s Diwa.

Eternity┤s Busa has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.




At show in Denmark (judge Meike Krug) Eternity┤s Damon was Best Juniormale and 4th best male! Congratulations to Kim & Anne!

Varjas has mated FI W-10,EE JW-10, EE J Ch, BH Iiik the Red Dragon. Puppies hopefully expected at kennel Workaholic!





Breedspecialty Blueridge in USA:

Eternity┤s Djinn BEST IN PUPPY SWEEPS both days and RESERVE WINNER┤s DOG both days!


National Show in Metz, France. Judge Mr Kerihuel:

Eternity┤s Dior BOB junior and BEST OF BREED!!!


Internatinal Show in Metz, France. Judge Mrs Keizer:

Eternity┤s Dior BOB junior

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Bab & Djinn and Nathalie & Dior with these fantastic results;)! We are sooo proud of you!





New photos of Eternity┤s Elijah, Eternity┤s Eros, Eternity┤s Cristall, NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck, Eternity┤s Diwa




We welcome our new familymember: Red Goblins La Madonna!

Eternity┤s Euphoria has moved to her new owner Leena Varis in Finland, we wish them the best of luck!

Eternity┤s Elijah is still available for the right home;)!

Vici┤s children in Holland has been at the International show in Utrecht:  Dutch Junior Champion  Young World Champion 2011  S.R Lima de Bruine Buck got 1U CAC/CACIB in open class and Dutch Junior Champion Jeugdwinner 2011 Luca de Bruine Buck was 1U with RCAC/RCACIB in open class. Huge congratulations to breeder & owners!






New photos of Eternity┤s Busa



Some news under Vici┤s offspring: NUCH Eternity┤s Vici has mated Spader Ess Miss Granada! Also, new photos of his pups at kennel Groenoir!

News under For sale!



DKCH DKSPCH DKAGCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity┤s Saga aka "Sina" can now add another title to her name;

 Danish Rally Champion DKRLCH!!!  In end of september Sina competed in Rally Expertclass, won with 98 points out of 100, g

ot the 3rd CAC and is therefor RallyChampion! And....At the Danish "Belgiertraef" in August, Sina won the expertclass in Rally with 99 points! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS & WELL DONE & DESERVED Susse & Sina! We are head over moon proud of you!!!!


w photos of Eternity┤s Euphoria, Eternity┤s Eros, Eternity┤s Elijah, Eternity┤s Eden, Eternity┤s Echo, Eternity┤s Dior, Eternity┤s Cevin and Eternity┤s Black Lupus.



Now Eternity┤s Erah, Eden and Echo has moved to their new homes! We wish them the best of Luck!!! Still Eternity┤s Elijah, Eternity┤s Euphoria are looking for new homes;)!



New photos of the E-litter. Still 2 males and 1 female available!

New photos of Eternity┤s Varjas.

New photos of Eternity┤s Calvin (thanks Annelie)! Calvin was BOB with CAC x 2 last weekend in Norway! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!



GREAT news from Nationale D'elevage 2012 in France: Our pups father Int Ch, C.I.B, Fin, S, Est CH, Ee Jun Ch, Fin JW-08, Fin W-08, BH, Jk2, Agi3, F.s.r Rokkitassun Carpe Diem Working Class EXC.1ST IN CLASS and also BOB Workingdog!!! Huge Congratulations to Liisa Sarjanen & to his breeder !!!

NO UCH Eternity┤s Vicis daughter  Dutch Juniorchampion World Winner Champion 2011 Lima de Bruine Buck was 2nd Exc in Intermediary class at National de┤l Elevage in France, she passed CSAU and TAN test Championnat AND was selected S.R!!!!!  Her brother Dutch Junior Champion Jeugdwinner 2011 Luca de Bruine Buck was 4th Exc in Intermediary class and passed CSAU and TAN test. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to breeder & owners!

Also HUGE congratulations to BOB Championdog, father of our C litter: Quinto Rival de Bruine Buck!


Lots of new photos of NO UCH Eternity┤s Vici.


His brother KORAD Eternity┤s Vulcan has competed in Rallyobediance in Beginnersclass for the third time and is now continuing to compete in next class! Congratulations!


Eternity┤s Xoran is now approved RESCUEDOG!!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Also, new photo;)


A new photo of Eternity┤s Dior. She was BOB puppy in Ribemont in France!


New photos of the E litter. Two males available for active homes due to cancellations!



Photos of the E-puppies!



Results from Swedish Major Specialty:

Groenendaels (Cath Bond):

SWE CH Eternity┤s Yrah 2nd Exc in Championclass.


Tervueren (Pauline Koning Stern-Hanf):

Eternity┤s Varjas Exc in open class

Eternity┤s Vega Exc in open class

Eternity┤s Diwa BOB puppy and BIS puppy (6-9 months)

Eternity┤s Drama 2nd best female pup with HP (New photos)

Eternity┤s Destiny 3rd best female pup (New photos)


Results from Norway this weekend:

Eternity┤s Calvin  BOB with CAC on saturday.

On sunday he was BOB with CAC and Best in Group 4.


Results from USA this weekend:

Eternity┤s Djinn has attended on his first shows in USA with great results. 2 days he was winning the 6-9 months class (BOB) and he also got a Reserve Winner┤s dog under breeder judge Skip Stanbridge.


Results from Australia:

AUSTR CH Eternity┤s Xavier has qualified in Novice Jumping class in  Agility. Therefor he is now qualified for his Novice Jumping title.


HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE OWNERS, we are so proud over you!!!!



New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Damon, Eternity┤s Diwa, SWE CH Eternity┤s Yrah and NO W-08 Eternity┤s Vega.



New photos of Eternity┤s Dior from Championnat de France!



Eternity┤s Dior has attempted to her first show:

CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE in Metz 2012, judge was Mme Varlet! Dior aka "Saga" was judged as "very promising", was Best In Group 1 and  BEST PUPPY OF THE FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s Drama and Eternity┤s Diwa.





New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Damon, Eternity┤s Dior, Eternity┤s Drama and Lysah de Bruine Buck.

Also, photos of Eternity┤s Varjas offspring at kennel Segerforsens. One male still available!



New photos of Eternity┤s Diwa.

Vici┤s son LUCA (Knut) de Bruine Buck won BOB with CAC & CACIB at the International Show in Luben this weekend! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to owners & breeder!

Eternity┤s YRAH has competed in obediance class I, got 173 points and was placed 2nd. Congratulations to Lasse & Yrah!




New photos of Eternity┤s Diwa.

Eternity┤s Black Lupus has competed in tracking class I. Lupus won the competition and is now allowed to compete in 2nd class!

Eternity┤s Wendy has competed in 2nd class tracking, is approved and can now compete for CAC on shows!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!!



Eternity┤s Calvin was BEST MALE with CAC and BOS at a show this weekend! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Eternity┤s Yndra was 3rd best female at NKK Drammen, got CAC and is now NORWEGIAN CHAMPION! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Results from AfBV Breedspecialty on IVÍ Island 2012-05-17:

Tervueren, judge Linda Lester (Domburg, UK):

Eternity┤s Djinn: Best male pup, BOB puppy and BEST IN SHOW 2 puppy.

Eternity┤s Diwa: Best female puppy, BOS.

Eternity┤s Drama: 2nd best female puppy with HP.

Eternity┤s BEST BREEDERS GROUP puppyclass tervueren. BEST IN SHOW Breedersclass puppy.

Swan de la Prairie de la Sommerau: Best progenygroup puppy and BIS Progenygroup puppy.

Groenendael, judge Sandra Smith (Lebeau, UK):

Eternity┤s Calvin: 2nd in juniorclass with CK (Championquality).

NO UCH Eternity┤s Vici: 1st in Championclass, BEST MALE and BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX. Best progenygroup groenenedael and BIS 2 progenygroup.

Eternity┤s Cristall: Best Junior female with CK, BEST OF BREED JUNIOR and BIS 2 Junior. 4th BEST FEMALE!

Eternity┤s Yrah 2nd in Championclass.

Eternity┤s Raven: 1st in Veteranclass and BOS veteran.



Puppyplans are updated: Spexa has been mated to F S.R  C.I.B. C.I.E. FI & SE & EE & EEJ Ch FI JW-08 FI W-08 BH JK2 AG3 TK1 Rokkitassun Carpe Diem. A HUGE THANKS to his owner Liisa and to Annika Keto for making this happen!

New photos of Eternity`s Cristall, Eternity┤s Vici, Eternity┤s Varjas, Eternity┤s Spexa, Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Diwa, Eternity┤s Yndra, Lysah de Bruine Buck and Eternity┤s Yrah.




Vici┤s offspring Flisdaelens Hera has been x-rayed with B hips and free elbows. New photo of her sister Flisdaelens Holy.

Eternity┤s Varjas became proud father today. Puppies are born at kennel Segerforsen. Mother is Nadjarah┤s Dora and 3 males & 4 females were born.



New photos of NO CH Eternity┤s Vici.

Vici has mated IntCh GermCh AustCh PolCh CSAU TAN CANT BH Darqueen des Perles Noires. Puppies expected at

New photos of Eternity┤s Dior "Saga".




New photos of Eternity┤s Dior, who now have moved to her new family in France, kennel des Legendes Lorraines. We wish them the best of luck!

New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn.

Huge congratulations to the daughter of Vici, Flisdaelens Hera who was BOB and BIS 2 Junior at a show for the breedspecialist Sonny Str÷m. Also Hera and her sister Hilda and Haifa has been eyetested clear.

NUCH NO W-08 Grimmendans Camlots daughter, Nizhonis Heart of Eternity "Lova" has been entered in intermediate class with result 1 Exc. She has also been eyetested clear. Huge congratulations to her owners!




New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn & Eternity┤s Diva.




New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Diva and Eternity┤s Dior. Djinn is still available.

Diva might be available for the right home, but we would prefer co-ownership. 

New photos of Eternity┤s Cristall.

New puppieplans on GROENENDAEL!




NUCH Eternity┤s Vici┤s offspring Lima & Luca de Bruine Buck once again did great;) At BHCN Young dog show in Holland, Luca was BOB Intermediary class groenendael and BIS Intermediary dog. Lima won her class and was BOS intermediary groenendael.

New photos of Luca de Bruine Buck.

New photos of Eternity┤s Calvin  & Eternity┤s Busa.



 NORDW 99 NW 00 SW 01 Hexen House Eternity.

New photos of Nord JW 11 Lysah de Bruine Buck.

New photos of Eternity┤s Cristall.



New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn, Diva, Dior and Drama.

New photo of Vici┤s offspring Flisdaelens Hilda. Hilda has also been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows!

Vici┤s offspring  Luca and Lima de Bruine Buck have both passed the NVBH Mentaltest at the  youngest age possible, 18 months. Lima also passed with "LOF" which means she got highest possible scores!



Lots of new photos!!!

Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Drama, Eternity┤s Dior and Eternity┤s Diva. 1 male & 2 females still available. For the third female we are looking for an active co-owner/host!

New photos of KORAD NORDW 99 NW 00 SW 01 Hexen House Eternityh, NUCH Eternity┤s Vici and Eternity┤s Busa.

Also a new photo from Vici┤s son Bazzakulls Caribean Dream.


Eternity┤s YRAH was 1 st Exc in Workingclass, BOB with CAC and CACIB at SKK International Show in Malm÷ for Yvonne Brink this weekend. She can now title herself SWEDISH CHAMPION, which is only possible with working merits!




New picture of Grimmendans Camlot. Painting made of his breeder, Firmin Aertgeerts.

New photos of Eternity┤s Caspian.

New photos of Eternity┤s Day Dream, Eternity┤s Djinn , Eternity┤s Drama, Eternity┤s Dior and Eternity┤s Diva.





New photos of Eternity┤s Busa, Eternity┤s Cristall, Eternity┤s Destiny, Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Drama, Eternity┤s Dior & Eternity┤s Diva.

We still have one male, DJINN and 2 females available. We are also looking for a co-owner or host for one female in the litter!



New photos of Vici┤s son Nadjarahs Iron Cash.

Vici┤s son Bazzakull Chocking Jack was BOB puppy and BEST IN GROUP 2 at SKKs puppyshow in southern part of Sweden. HUGE congratulations to breeder & owner!



New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Dior, Eternity┤s Diva, Eternity┤s Drama and Eternity┤s Dara.

WE STILL HAVE 1 male puppy & 2 female puppys available!!!

New photo of Eternity┤s Varjas daughter Skanshills Ace of Vargas.



Eternity┤s Damon, Eternity┤s Day Dream, Eternity┤s Dara & Eternity┤s Destiny has moved to their new owners!

We still have 1 male, Eternity┤s Djinn & 2 females available!

New photos of Eternity┤s Varjas!




Norw Ch Eternity┤s Vici has mated Vanessa di Torre D┤arese. Puppies hopefully expected at kennel Jatoba in a couple of months;) New photo of Vanessa on Vicis offspring page

 and LOTS of new photos of Vici!

NEW photos of the entire D litter at 7,5 weeks old. Due to cancellations we have 1 male & 2 female available. We are also looking for a co-owner/host for one female. For photos, take a look at their own pages!




New photos of our D-litter, now 6 weeks old. Due to several cancellations we have 2 males & 2 females available. For more informations contact us!;)

New plans for Vici this spring/summer!!!



New photos of the D-litter, now 5 weeks old. Still 1 male & 1 female available.

New photos of Eternity┤s Cristall.



New photos of the puppies. 2 males & 2 females available!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s Cevin, Eternity┤s Calvin,

Eternity┤s Caspian has moved to his co-owner Siv Trolin at kennel Segerforsen.

Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity has moved to Siru Heinonen (kennel Turkiruuthinan) & Tiia Sundqvist (Want-to-Be) in Finland.



New photos of the puppies!



New photos of all the pups in the D litter, on their individual pages!

New photos of Eternity┤s Cristall, NUCH Eternity┤s Vici, NORDJW -11 Lysah de Bruine Buck and an offspring to Eternity┤s Varjas, Skanshills Queen of Varjas.

Eternity┤s Varjas has mated Skanshills Tuttifrutti (Lynx de la Clairiere aux Louves x Skanshills Singoalla) today.

KORAD SWECH SWE W-09 LP I Eternity┤s Spirit was 2nd best male today at SKKs show My Dog in Gothenburg. Congratulations!




New photos of Eternity┤s Cevin.




New layout on the website. New photos of Eternity┤s Cristall  and of Eternity┤s Caspian.



New individual photos of all the puppies from Swan & Vega. 2 males and 1 or 2 females available!

Eternity┤s Lupus has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.
















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