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Our D-litter is born;)!!! Vega has given birth to 3 males and 5 females.

New photos of Eternity┤s Caspian and Eternity┤s Cristall.



Results from NORDIC WINNER SHOW, judge Marion Ten Cate:

NO CH Eternity┤s Vici: 1st exc in Championclass with CQ, 2nd best male with CACIB.

Lysah de Bruine Buck: 1st in juniorclass with CQ and NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER 2011.

Eternity┤s Busa: 3rd in juniorclass, exc.


New photos of Eternity┤s Busa and Nizhonis Heart of Eternity.




Lysah de Bruine Buck has hips A and free elbows 0/0.

Luca de Bruine Buck was Amsterdam Junior Winner 2011! Huge congratulations to breeder & owner;)!



For sale page is updated!!!

Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity "Lova" is looking for a new home, please contact us for more information!

Also Eternity┤s Bella is for sale. For more information, contact her owner or us.



Eternity┤s Yrah has competed in lower (II nd) class tracking, got 443 p and is now allowed to compete in higher (III rd) class! One more CAC and she will become SWE CH!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Lasse & Yrah, we are SOOO proud of you!!!



Vega is confirmed to be pregnant. Puppys expected in end of december! Inquiries most welcome.



Finally back with updates;)!

New puppyplans!!!

New plans for Varjas!

KORAD Eternity┤s Qhyrac has competed in higher (IIIrd) class tracking, got 490,5 points and is now allowed to compete in class Elite. HUGE congratulations!!! New photo of him as well;).

KORAD Eternity┤s Spirou has won the Club championships at his workingdogclub! Huge congratulations!

Eternity┤s Wendy has been competing in obediance class II, got 173 points and won the competition! Huge Congratulations!


New photos of Eternity┤s Amber, Eternity┤s Amaze, Eternity┤s Cain, Eternity┤s Bella, Eternity┤s Black Lupus, Eternity┤s Cevin, Eternity┤s Spirou & Vulcan, Eternity┤s Yrah, Eternity┤s Calvin,


Vici┤s offpspring:

 Luca & Lima de Bruine Buck has both been x-rayed with the result A on hips!

During NVBH show for young dogs & veterans Luca de Bruine Buck became best young Groenendael in the age of 9 till 18 months! Huge congratulations to breeder & owner!

Lima has taken one more CAC and can now title herself Dutch Junior Champion! Huge congratulations to her owner & breeder!!!

New photos of Nadjarah┤s Iron Camaro, Flisdaelens Haifa, Flisdaelens Havanna, Flisdaelens Hera.




Vici┤s daughter Junior World Winner 2011 LIMA de Bruine Buck took CAC today at a show in Maastricht and can now title herself Dutch Junior Champion!!!

A new photo of Vici.

New photos of HIC AUSTRALIAN CH Eternity┤s Shakira & AUSTRALIAN CH Eternity┤s Xavier. A huge thanks to Melissa De Matos for the gorgeus photos!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s Cristall, Eternity┤s Amaze, Eternity┤s Busa and Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity.




Ace has left the builing and has reached the soil of UK;)!!! We wish Liz and Ace the best of luck!!!

KORAD LP I SWE W-09 Eternity┤s Spirit has now compete in 2nd class tracking and is now allowed to compete in 3rd class, which also means that he now can title himself SWEDISH SHOWCHAMPION!!!

KORAD SE W-08 DKUCH KBHV W-11 Eternity┤s Raven is now also Norwegian Champion!!! Huge congratulations!;)

Eternity┤s Calvin was BOB baby at the specialty in Stavanger, judges Craig & Julie Fynmore. New photos of Calvin as well.

Also new photos of his brother Cain.

New plans for Eternity┤s Varjas. Also new photos of his offspring Skanshills Queen of Vargas and Ace of Vargas at the same page.

New photos of Eternity┤s Avalon.



Eternity┤s Calvin has moved to his new home, kennel TRAXA in Norway. We wish them best of luck!!!

Vici┤s son Luca de Bruine Buck was 2nd Exc in young class at Nationale de┤l Elevage in France.

Camlots son Nizhoni┤s Follow your Heart passed the CANT (herding instinct test) test at the same show.



New photos of Eternity┤s Yrah, Eternity┤s Busa, Eternity┤s Calvin, Eternity┤s Cevin, Eternity┤s Caspian and Eternity┤s Cristall.



New photos of Eternity┤s Cevin and Eternity┤s Calvin. Calvin is still available for the right home!



Eternity┤s Yrah was BOB with CAC in workingclass, BEST IN SHOW WORKINGDOG and 2nd BEST IN SHOW at the Major Swedish Specialty today. HUGE THANKS to Sussie who handled her in the ring all the way;)!!!!

Vici┤s daughter Flisdaelens Havanna was BOB puppy and BIS 2 puppy. Huge congratulations!

 Judges was Dr Gilbert Schaffner and Hana Pisarcikovß.

Photos of Varjas offspring Skanshills Queen of Vargas.



New photos of our C-litter again: Calvin (still available), Cevin (still available), Cain, Caspian and Cristall.

Vici has mated Rainbows End┤s Corrita and puppies are hopefully expected in Norway at kennel Nadjarah.



New photos of the pups 7 weeks at their individual pages. Calvin & Cevin are still available to the right home.

New photos of Luca de Bruine Buck, son of NUCH Eternity┤s Vici.



New photos of our 6 weeks puppies from Quinto Rival & Spexa. You find the photos on their individual pages under the C-litter. Still 2 males available for the right homes;)



New photos of Eternity┤s Busa and Lysah de Bruine Buck.



Vici┤s daughter  Lima de Bruine Buck was JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2011 in France! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Tom & RenÚe!!!

Quinto Rival de Bruine Buck, father to our litter, was BOB at Championat de France and Best male, BOS and WORLDWINNER 2011 today at the WW show!!! Huge congratulations to owners & breeders!!!

Eternity┤s Black Lupus was BOB puppy and BIS 4 puppy today! Huge congratulations to Anna & Lupus!

New photos of our C litter on their individual pages!!! We still have 2 males available due to cancellation. Interested??? Send us a mail!



 Vici┤s daughter Lima de Bruine Buck was BOS with CAC at the show in Echt this weekend! Huge congratulations to Tom & RenÚe!

KORAD LP Eternity┤s Spirit has competed in obediance class II, got 178 points and were placed 2nd. Huge congratulations Karin & Spirit!

KORAD LPII Eternity┤s Spirou became OBEDIANCE CHAMPION this weekend!!!! SUPER MEGA CONGRATS to Anita & Spirou "Tango"!!!

New photos of Camlots offspring Nizhoni┤s In a hearbeat and Nizhoni┤s Follow your Heart.

Our C-litter has been given names: Cristall, Caspian, Calvin, Cain and Cevin. 2 very promising black males still available!



New photos of Vici┤s daughter Lima de Bruine Buck.

New photos of our C-litter from Quinto-Rival de Bruine Buck & Eternity┤s Spexa. The photos can be found on their new individual pages. Males available!!!




We┤ve lost one of the malepups.....Sleep well my dear<3<3<3!!!


KORAD SW-08 Eternity┤s Raven gained BOS with CAC at the KBHV winnershow in Denmark this weekend. She can now title herself KORAD SW-08 KBHV Winner-11 DKUCH Eternity┤s Raven! Huge congratulations!!!

New photos of our great 13 year beloved oldie KORAD SW W-01 NW-00 Nordic W-99 Hexen House Eternityh, her kids Eternity┤s Varjas, NUCH Eternity┤s Vici and her grandkids Eternity┤s Busa, Eternity┤s Bella, Eternity┤s Yrah and Eternity┤s Amaze.

New photos of Vici`s offspring at kennel Bazzakull from 6 weeks of age. They still have males available.

New photos of Vici┤s offspring at kennel Flisdaelens. Haifa is still looking for a new home! Contact us if you wish to see more photos or Sofie herself;)!



Puppies born from Quinto and Spexa, 4 groenendael males, 1 tervuerenmale and 1 groenendaelfemale. There might be males available. For more info contact us!

New photos of NO W-08 Eternity┤s Vega, NUCH Eternity┤s Vici, Lysah de Bruine Buck and Eternity┤s Black Lupus.

Lima de Bruine Buck, daughter of Vici was 1st in young dog class at the FMBB show and also 1st in youngdog class at the Belgium Specialty! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to her owners Roozen-Stokla!



Results from AfBV SBLO Specialty on IVÍ:

Judge Craig Fynmore:

Eternity┤s Varjas in openclass, Excellent and CQ.

Eternity┤s Vega 3rd in open class, Excellent and CQ.

Eternity┤s Busa 1st in puppyclass 4-6 months, 2nd best female pup (was beaten by the older one).

Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity 3rd in puppyclass 6-9 months.

Judge Julie Fynmore:

Lysah de Bruine Buck 3rd in juniorclass, Excellent och CQ.

Eternity┤s Yrah BOB workingdog and BIS workingdog. CAC!!!

Hexen House Eternityh BOB veteran and BIS veteran!




Huge congratulations to Vici`s offspring LIMA de Bruine Buck who became BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at the NVBH Specialty last weekend and to Limas brother Luca was BEST MALE PUPPY at the same show!

One female still available from Vici at kennel Flisdaelen. Also kennel Bazzakull have a litter from Vici at this moment, pups available there too.

New photos of Vici┤s offspring Luca de Bruine Buck.



Flisdaelen┤s Haifa is available, please contact her breeder if you are interested!

Eternity┤s Umah is available for re-placement due to familychanges. Info to contact her owners at FOR SALE.

Ettys gorgeus brother Hexen House Endohr has gone to the rainbowbridge. Our thoughts are with his family!!!



New photos of Eternity┤s Black Lupus who also was BOB & BIS 3 and BOB & BIS 4 puppy this weekend! Huge Congratulations to Anna & Lupus!;)--

New photos on Eternity┤s Busa, Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity, Eternity┤ s Spexa and Eternity┤s Amaze.

New photos also of Camlots offspring: Nizhoni┤s Follow your Heart and In a Heartbeat.

Eternity┤s Bella has moved to her new home at kennel Bństdal.

Eternity┤s Yndra has become proud mom at kennel Champs du Trefle in Norway. 4 males & 2 females are born. Father is NUCH Chivas du Bois du Tot.

NUCH Eternity┤s Vici has become proud father. Bazzakulls Dinah gave birth to 4 males and 3 females.



We are extremely happy to announce that Spexa is pregnant and puppies are expected in beginning of June!

Kennel Flisdaelens have one femalepup available from Vici, ready for delivery next week.



New photos of Eternity┤s Xlnt, Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity, Lysah de Bruine Buck, Eternity┤s Bella, Eternity┤s Busa.

New photos of the pups from NUCH Eternity┤s Vici and Flisdaelens Gayora. Two females are available.

For sale is updated.



2 x BIS Eternity┤s Yrah has competed in tracking class II, is approved and therefor has the right to compete in workingclass at show for CAC. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Lasse & Yrah, we are proud of you;)!!!

Eternity┤s Wilda has been to show and gained Excellent 1.

New photos of Eternity┤s Bella who still is available!!!



Puppies hopefully expected in beginning of June from Luxemburg Ch Dutch Ch German DKBS & VDH Ch International Show Ch pE S.R Jeugdwinner 2004 Winner 2005 & 2006  Bundessieger 2007 & 2008 World Winner 2010 QUINTO RIVAL DE BRUINE BUCK   &  BIS 2 Eternity┤s Spexa.

New photos of Eternity┤s Abrianna.

Have added photos of Eternity┤s Wiljas pups at kennel Red Goblins under For sale:) 3 promising male pups are available!

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir has found a new home, with the veterinarian Birgitta at kennel Ju-Do┤s;) We wish them the best of luck!



New photos of Eternity┤s Amaze, Eternity┤s Bella and Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity.

FOR SALE page has been updated.

Puppyplans has been updated.



New photos of Nizhoni┤s In a Heartbeat and Nizhoni┤s Follow your Heart at Camlots offspring page.



NUCH Eternity┤s Vici and Flisdaelens Gayora has become proud parents to 6 girls. Congratulations!!!



DKCH DKSPCH DKAGCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity┤s Saga is the WINNER of DAL (Danish Agility Link) 2010 and is therefor AGILITYDOG OF THE YEAR 2010!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO SUSSE & SAGA!!! We are soooooo proud of you;)!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s Bella, Eternity┤s Busa and Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity.

All webpages  from dogs born out of our Q-litter to our recent B litter are finally working!!! I┤m still working on the rest of them;)



NUCH Eternity┤s Vici has mated Bazzakulls Dinah, puppies hopefully expected at kennel Bazzakull this spring.



New photos of Eternity┤s Bella, still available.

New photos of Eternity┤s Amaze, Eternity┤s Busa, Red Goblins Crafth (son to Camlot), and Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity.

Finally the pages of Wands at the Ready, Wolf, Wizzard and Waldemar works again:)



NUCH Eternity┤s Vici have some new matings planned this year at kennel Jatoba (DK) and Bazzakulls (SWE).

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir is looking for a new home.

Saga, Safir, Suki and The Ones pages work again:)! Look under past litters.

New photo of Eternity┤s Black Lupus.

Eternity┤s Bella still available.



New photos of Eternity┤s Bella (still available), Eternity┤s Busa and Eternity┤s Black Lupus.

Lysah has now complete scissorbite.

Vici will become proud father again: Flisdaelens Gayora is confirmed pregnant after ultrasound.



New photos of Lysah de Bruine Buck, Eternity┤s Bella , Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity and Eternity┤s Busa.

Eternity┤s Bella is still available for the right home.

NUCH Eternity┤s Vici will become father again this summer at kennel Nadjarah.



New photos added on Camlots offspring Nizhoni┤s In a Hearbeat and Follow your heart.

New photos of Black Lupus, Bella and Busa from the combination Debelisi Oregano & Eternity┤s Spexa. Bella is still available for an active home.




This weekend, Eternity┤s Amaze┤s new owner, Liz Woodward from UK visited;) Some new photos of him are added too...

New photos of the puppies from Debelisi Oregano and Eternity┤s Spexa. One tervuerenfemale available.



Eternity┤s Abrianna has arrived to USA and her new owner Vicki Kelley, kennel Darboshea.



NUCH Eternity┤s Vici has mated NUCH LP I Flisdaelens Gayora.

Lots of new photos of Vici, Nizhoni┤s Heart of Eternity, Eternity┤s Zafira

NO W-08 Eternity┤s Vega, Eternity┤s Black Lupus, Eternity┤s B..., Eternity┤s Bellona, Eternity┤s Amaze, Eternity┤s Abrianna, Lysah de Bruine Buck.



HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our S-litter on their 6:th birthday!

Some pages that finally works: Eternity┤s Vulcan, Amaze, Avalon, Amber, Abrianna, Black Lupus and his two sisters;)






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