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My prince, my precious, my soulmate, my love NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot is no longer with words can express our sorrow!


Eternity´s Amber and Avalon have moved to their new homes. We wish them the best of luck!




The male pup Eternity´s Amaze is available to the right home due to late cancellation. We prefer for him to stay somewhere in Europe.

New photos of Camlots son Skanshills Atlas, thanks to Carina Bengtsson!



Nizhoni´s Heart of Eternitys has arrived in Sweden;)! Thanks to Iselin for this wonderful girl!



Puppies born from MT BH Debelisi Oregano & Eternity´s Spexa, 1 groenendalmale and 2 tervuerenfemales.

New photos from Camlot & Vegas pups at 5 weeks of age.



Unfortunaly no pups were born from Quinto & Qarismah.

New photos of Camlot & Vegas pups.

New photos of Camlot & Grimmendans Gigis pups as well:)



Lysah de Bruine Buck is finally at home:)! Lots of new photos of her taken at the beach in Zeeland, Netherlands.



Some  new pages of our previous litters are added: Eternity´s Spirit and Spirou.



Vega & Camlots puppies were born yesterday. It´s 1 boy and 3 girls and they are all doing fine;).



Vici´s maleoffspring at de Bruine Buck has all testicles complete. They are now beginning to leave home, one male will go to France and the other two will stay in Holland. One female will be kept by the breeder and Lysah will stay with us:)

Photos from Camlot x Gigi pups are out:)

Eternity´s Xoran has competed in obediance class I, he got 185 points of a total 200 and is now able to compete in class II. Congratulations to Else & Xoran!




Lysah de Bruine Buck will soon join our family;)!

Eternity´s Zofia and Eternity´s Yaga has both passed the Norwegian MH (mentaldescription) with good results and are secure to gunshots. Congratulations to the owners!

Camlot son, Red Goblins Crafth has moved to Denmark. We wish his new owner the best of luck and hope to meet him in the future again;)!





NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot & NUCH Grimmendans Gigi became proud parents during the night to 1 boy & 1 girls;)! BIG congratulations to Iselin!

KORAD Eternity´s Qhyrac has competed in tracking class II, got 517.5 points and WON the competition. They are now allowed to compete in 3:rd class:) HUGE congratulation to Marita & Qhyrac:)!



Today is Tildes 5:th birthday:)!!!

Spexa has been mated by BH MT Debelisi Oregano.



Eternity´s Spexa will be mated this upcoming week:)



NW-08 Eternity´s Vega is confirmed to be pregnant by ultrasound. Puppies expected in end of october/beginning of november.

New photos of Tikkabis Yndig, daughter of NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot.

New photos of Vici & Ancors pups, thanks Tom & Reneé!

Eternity´s Spexa is in heat....tell you more soon:)




We are hopefully expecting puppies in november from pE LuxCh Dutch Ch German DKBS CH S.R Jeugdwinner 2004 winner 2005-2006 Bundessieger 2007-2008 World Winner 2010 Quinto Rival de Bruine Buck and Eternity´s Qarismah. For more info, take a look at puppyplans.

Eternity´s Xoran is now approved B -searchingdog in Norwegian Rescuedogs:)! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!




DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 AGILITY CH Eternity´s Saga and her team with Belgerac Djinni (a relative) and two bordercollies WON THE DANISH AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIP this weekend!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS SUSSE & SINA, we are SOOOOOO proud of you;)!!!




NUCH Grimmendans Gigi is confirmed to be pregnant;) Camlot will be a proud father in mittle of october!

Vici & Ancors pups are doing just fine, we hope for puppypics soon;)!

Qarismah is in heat...soon we will tell you more...



The pups from Vici & Ancor is born:) 3 males & 2 females. Congratulations to Tom & Reneé!

Eternity´s Zafira has been with her host Carina to their first show together:) Zafira was Best female and BOS at AfBV:s unofficial breedspecialty in Stockholm. Judge was Peggy Allwood.



Puppyplans changed.



BIS x 2 Eternity´s Yrah competed in tracking class I today, achieved 249.5 points and has now moved up to level II:)

Her sister Eternity´s Yndra attended at Trondheim Hundefestival this weekend. On saturday she was Best female &  BOB with CAC for the breedspecialist Norman Deschymere, BE. On sunday she was Best female & BOS with CAC for the breedspecialist Gert Christensen, DK.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to their owners, Lasse, Lars & Randi:)!!!



The pages of some dogs are working again:)

Eternity´s Wilja,  Broccio du Bois du Tot



New photos of Eternity´s Yndra, thanks to Eli!



NUCH VW-08 Grimmendans Camlot has mated the gorgeus NUCH Grimmendans Gigi. We have high expectations for this litter and we keep our fingers crossed that Iselin at kennel Nizhoni will have a wonderful litter:)!

New litterplans for NUCH Eternity´s Vici.




New litterplans from NUCH Eternity´s Vici end of 2010 & NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot this autumn and 2011.

Puppyplans updated.

New photos of AUSTR CH Eternity´s Xavier.



New photos of NUCH Eternity´s Vici and NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot, Eternity´s Yrah and KORAD SW-08 Eternity´s Raven , thanks to Hans-Jurgen once again and also Sakke;)!


Results from the Swedish Major Specialty:

Tervueren, judge Hana Pisarčíková:

NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot 4:th best male.

Groenendael, judge Amanda McLaren:

KORAD SW-08 Eternity´s Raven 2:nd best female.

Eternity´s Yrah 3:rd best female.

NUCH Eternity´s Vici 2:nd in openclass.




New photos of NW-08 Eternity´s Vega. Again a HUGE thanks to Hans-Jurgen for all the lovely photos!



New photos of Eternity´s Qarismah and Eternity´s Spexa and Eternity´s Varjas. A HUGE THANKS to H-J Fischer for the lovely photos:)!!!

New photos from Eternity´s Yhrsa in Denmark. Yhrsa is trained in obediance and tracking.

New puppies planned at kennel Workaholic, Finland 2011 after NUCH Eternity´s Vici.



Eternity´s Xoran has passed the first level on his way to become a Rescuedog:) HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Else & Xoran, we are so proud of you! Also, some new photos of him.

New photos of NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot.

The pages of Eternity´s Xoran, Xulan.



The page of pE Eternity´s Vogue is working, also some "new" photos of her. Huge thanks to Hans-Jurgen Fischer!!!

Also, the pages of Korad Eternity´s Vulcan, Zally, Yndra, Yaga, Yhrsa, Xavier, Xoran are working now.



New photos of NUCH Eternity´s Vici and Eternity´s Yrah.



Eternity´s Zofia has been x-rayed. Unfortunaly she has A/C-hips, free elbows and has eyes tested clear.

I´m working of putting all sites of our earlier bred dogs under "our litters section". AUSTR CH HIC Eternity´s Shakiras site is working:)



Eternity´s Yrah has passed the MH description and is secure to gunshots.

The one & only, the "black love of my life" KORAD NordW-99 NW-00 SW-01 Hexen House Eternityh has got diploma for having more then 5 offsprings with the title KORAD!!!



NUCH Eternity´s Vici has mated the gorgeus Dutch CH p.E S.R Ancor de Bruine Buck. Puppies hopefully expected at kennel de Bruine Buck in september!;)




DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity´s Saga competed in agility at the worldwinnershow, she took her last CAC and can now add the title AGILITYCHAMPION to her other wonderful results:)! CONGRATULATIONS to Susse & Saga for your wonderful achievement!!!!;) We are so proud of you!


Eternity´s Xoran has been x-rayed, has hips A and are still waiting for the results on elbows.


Red Goblins Crafth is looking for a new home!





Vegas upcoming husband was 4th best Championmale at the Dutch Specialty, passed the charactertest and was selected for breeding by Willemine van Dejl and Pauline Stern-Hanf. He has now the title pE.




Vega will be mated during the summer by....

Camlots son Bazzakulls Calypso has been x-rayed with B hips and free elbows.



New photos of Eternity´s Spexa, Eternity´s Zafira and NUCH Eternity´s Vici.



New photos of Eternity´s Varjas.



Eternity´s Yrah was BOB youngdog, BIS youngdog, BOB and BEST IN SHOW at AfBV:s specialyshow on Ivö Island today:) Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Lasse and BIG thanks to Ronja & Hennie for handling her so well!

Camlots daughter Red Goblins Catlah has competed in Rally obediance first class in April. She was placed 1:st and is now allowed to compete in second class. She has also competed in tracking, first class and got approved.

Her brother Cargush has  competed in Rally obediance second class, got 85 p/100 p and was placed 4:th.




New puppyplans!



Today Eternity´s Wilja has passed the swedish MH description and was secure to gunshots, she is ready for breeding:)

Eternity´s Xoran passed the norwegian charactertest today and was also secure to gunshots:)




DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity´s Saga has taken 2 CAC in agilityclass running within 2 weeks:) HUGE CONGRATULATION to Susse & "Sina" . They are off to World Championships for Belgian Shepherds:)!!! We are soooo proud of you!;)



No puppies this time, Vega is empty. New plans will come out soon...

AUSTR CH Eternity´s Xavier has hips A & free elbows.

Eternity´s Xlnt has hips B/C & free elbows.

100425 was Eternity´s Yndra 2nd best female at a show and got CAC! Congratulations to Randi & Lars!

100424 was Eternity´s Zummer, only 9 months old, BOS with CAC! Congratulations to Leif!



We have a new fresh website! Some parts are not ready, but it will come, time by time...please be patient:)


Eternity´s Yndra and Eternity´s Yrah has both been x-rayed with A hips & free elbows.

Eternity´s Xavier is now AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION!!! He was BOB at his last show. He has now been x-rayed, it looked good but we have to wait for the results...


NUCH Eternity´s Waldemar has been killed in a terrible accident!

Waldemar was Gards best friend and our thoughts goes to him and Tanja in their deep lost & sorrow!




Eternity´s Yaga was BOB with CAC in Letohallen, Norway. Judge was Frank Kristiansen. Congratulations!!!



KORAD LP 1 Eternity´s Spirit was BOB with CACIB at the Swedish Kennelclubs International show in Gothenburg. Judge was Kenneth Edh. Congratulations!!!







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