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Eternity┤s Yaga takes her first CAC in Letohallen, Norway! Huge congratulation to Leif & Yaga!



 New photos of NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot.



International Show NKK, Lillestr÷m Norway:

Groenendael, judge Sonny Str÷m:

Eternity┤s Xulan was Best Juniormale, 4:th best male with CAC.

Eternity┤s Yrah was Best Juniorfemale with CK.

Eternity┤s Yaga was 2:nd best juniorfemale with excellent.

Eternity┤s Spexa was Best Openclassfemale with CK.

Kennel ETERNITY was BEST BREEDERSGROUP with Honourprice on groenendaels.

Tervueren, judge Helge Werner Hagen:

Eternity┤s Varjas, CK and 4:th in openclass.

Eternity┤s Vega, excellent.


New photos of Eternity┤s Xulan! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Rucha!

BIG THANKS to Rucha, Leif and Lasse for participating in the show as well on the breedersgroup!!! Also big thanks to Janne at kennel Ockmonix for showing Vega for me;)!



Kennel Belgerac has puppies available ready for delivery!



Eternity┤s Waldemar was Best Male with CAC at the NKK International Show in Troms÷, Norway today. He also became NORWEGIAN CHAMPION! Yesterday he was 2nd best male with CAC at a smaller show. HUGE congratulations to Tanja!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s Zofia, thank you Carina!


New photos of Eternity┤s Wilja.

New links to Grimmendans Gabor (GERMANY)  and kennel DUVEL (FI).




Puppyplans for 2010 updated.



Eternity┤s Vulcan has passed the Mentaltest with ....points and is now KORAD! Same day Dark n┤Smart Bark at the Moon, son of KORAD Eternity┤s Gilean passed the Mentaltest on 482 p and  got the title KORAD. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you all;)

In middle of september, Eternity┤s Saga & Susse competed in agility at DKK Albertslund. On saturday they took their 2nd CAC in AG class II. They also were placed as nr 6 as "2009:s agilitydog", was best team of the year with their team and got really good placements overall:) Also, they also won the competition for getting a ticket to next years Belgian World Championship!!!



New photos of Eternity┤s Zofia, ZZ top and Zummer. Also lots of new photos of Eternity┤s Waldemar, thanks to Alyn:) and Eternity┤s Xerah.



NUCH NorwW-08 Grimmendans Camlots daughter LPI LPII Red Goblins Critah won an obediancecompetition in class III today and moved up to highest class (Elit)! Huge Congratulations to Siv & ┼sa!

Today also NUCH Eternity┤s Vici, NV-08 Eternity┤s Vega and Eternity┤s Varjas passed the MH description with result 1 in shooting.

New photos of Eternity┤s Zafira!



All our puppieplans are on hold for the rest of the year, since we probably will re-building the house...

New photos of Eternity┤s Yaga, Eternity┤s Yrah, Eternity┤s Waldemar, Eternity┤s Wendy, Eternity┤s ZZ Top, Eternity┤s ZummerEternity┤s Zafira, Eternity┤s Zofia, Eternity┤s Zally.

And some results:

Eternity┤s Wendy entered SKK International Show in Ronneby and gained BOB & CACIB! Judge was Elzbieta Chawlibog (Pol).



Belgerac Gohr is looking for a new home, urgent!!!

New photos of the puppies from 4 weeks of age...

Lots of more photos of Camlot and Etty! Also new photos on Yrah and Vulcan .

Vulcan has passed the exteriordescription, Congratulations Anita!

More photos of dogs are coming.....I am working on it;)

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BELOVED ETTY with her siblings Erah, Elskah & Endohr who have had their 11:th birthday!!! HIPP HIPPP HURREY!!! There are no words that can express how much we love you Etty, and we are for ever greatful for you sharing our lifes! You have made them so much richer;) 



Results from Major Swedish Specialty:

Tervueren, judge Myriam Vermeire:

NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot: 2nd in Championclass, CQ and 2nd Best Male

NW-08 Eternity┤s Vega: 1st price

Eternity┤s Wilja: 2nd in Openclass, CQ and 2nd Best Female


Groenendael, judge Dirk Spruyt :

NUCH Eternity┤s Vici: 2nd in Championclass, CQ and 5th Best Male

Eternity┤s Yrah: 1st in juniorclass, CQ, BOB junior, BIS Junior, Best Female, BOB AND BEST IN SHOW!!! (only 10 months old:)

Eternity┤s Spexa: 1st price open class

KORAD NordW-99 SW-01 NW-00 Hexen House Eternityh: BOS veteran and CQ.


New photos Yrah, but lots of more photos will come this week:)



New photos of the puppies, they have also got their individual pages...



 pE Eternity┤s Vogue has gone to heaven much to young on her third birthday and our hearts are full of sorrow. Vogue was a very special girl, for us since she was Ettys last precious little black girl, to her owners for being who she were and to all who came to know her...

Our thoughts are with Gert & Griet, Pauline & Jean-Louis! We know you had so big hopes, dreams and plans for her, as well as all who dreamt of a puppie from her in the future! No words can express the sorrow we feel for this huge loss!!!

We wan┤t to thank all of you who has sent us your regards!

For Vogue:

We wish we could have told you,
in words you'd understand,
We wanted you to stay with us.
This wasn't what we'd planned.

We wish somehow to tell you,
How empty we now feel.
A part of us went with you,
A part that time can't heal.

We wish we had you back again,
to fill this empty space.
But one day we'll be together
in a far, far better place.

Farvel Vogue, you will live in our hearts for eternity!

With love, Karin & Jesper, Vega & Vici...




Photos of the puppies....



PUPPIES born: Safir gave birth to 1 male and 4 females...they are all just fine:)



New photos of NUCH NorwW-08 Grimmendans Camlot

New photos of Tikkabis Yndig, owner kennel Revehiet. Tikkabis still have two promising malepuppies available!!!

DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity┤s Saga won a Agilitycompetition in Open class last weekend with 92 competitors!!! They had no faults and was fastest;)!!! They also competed in runclass and was placed 12/92. Earlier in Alberstlund they took their first CAC in class III...HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Saga & Susse!!! We are sooooooo proud of you!;)

Puppies expected from littersister Safir this week;)



Eternity┤s Waldemar was BOB with CAC this weekend in Oppdal, Norway. Judge was Garach Angel. Two new photos of him as well:)

Eternity┤s Xoran was entered in Bod÷, Norway:

Saturday, judge Gert Christensen: 2nd price (very good). Sunday, judge Fernando Rodriguez: 1st price (excellent) and HP (honourprice).

HUGE Congratulations to you all!



pE Eternity┤s Vogue x-rayed with A hips:)

MT 496p Eternity┤s Spirou has competed in obediance class Elite, he got 271.5 p, a first price and was placed 3:rd! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Anita and "Tango"!



Ultrasound confirms puppies on Safir!!! JIPPIII!!! Puppies expected in beginning of July:) Interested? Send us a mail...



Eternity┤s Xulan took CAC and BOS only 10,5 months old at NKK Drammen for Wera Hubentahl. HUGE CONRATULATIONS to Rucha & Xulan!!!

At the Norwegian Specialty Eternity┤s Yaga was 2nd best female puppy day 1 for Bente Harlem. Day 2 she was BOB & BIS 2 puppy for Benoit Thevenon. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Leif & Yaga!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s Xulan and Wands at the Ready.

NEWS on puppieplans....

Looking for a terv? Kennel Tikkabis are having puppies from Camlot for sale!



Eternity┤s Wands at the Ready is now AKC CHAMPION! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Results from Specialy on IVÍ Island:

Groenendael, judge Mary Groove:

NUCH Eternity┤s Vici, 2nd in Championclass and 4th best male.

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir, 1st in Workingclass with CAC. BIS workingdog and 5th best female.

Eternity┤s Spexa, 3rd in openclass and 3rd best female.

Tervueren, judge Jenny Eaves:

NV-08 Eternity┤s Vega, 1st price (excellent), placed 2nd in open class.


Results from agilitycompetitions in Falkenberg 090522& 090523

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir got 1 stick in Agility, was placed 2nd. She also got 1 stick in Jumpclass and was placed 4th. Way to go girls, you has quite a weekend!!!! We are proud of you, now we just have to wait for the puppies.....

Results from Obediancecompetition at ┼sheda-Lenhovda BK:

Eternity┤s Wendy got 171 p in first class, first price and placed 2nd. Now they will jump up to level 2:) CONGRATULATONS!


Eternity┤s Unique got his first title: AKC Rally Novice. CONGRATULATIONS to Billie & Dylan!


New photos of KORAD Eternity┤s Safir, Spexa, Vici, Yrah.



Showresults Katrineholms BK, judge Gunilla Skallman (in BIS final Yvonne Brink):

BOB: NUCH Eternity┤s Vici

BOS with CAC in workingclass and BIS 3 Workingdog: KORAD Eternity┤s Safir

2:nd best female: NV-08 Eternity┤s Vega


Showresults SKK Piteň, judge Gert Christensen:

BOB: Eternity┤s Wilja

New photos of Camlots son Red Goblins Crafth. News under FOR SALE.



New photos of Eternity┤s Yaga, Yndra, Wilda  and some Tikkabis pups under Camlots offspring.

Waldemar has been x-rayed with hips A and elbows 0/0. With Pleasure has also been x-rayed with A hips but unfortunaley 1/0 on elbows.

Unfortunaly Spirit has been castrated after having prostata problems so he will never have any offspring:(

Safir will have her ultrasound done in beginning of June...then we will let you know if we will have any pups.....



Safir is mated...puppies hopefully expected in beginning of July. Lots of new photos of Postman Pat, so he now has his own page!



KORAD SW-08 Eternity┤s Raven got her puppies (with KORAD Belgerac Zaro) and they got 1 male & 5 females which of one were a tervuerenfemale!;)

Eternity┤s Vulcan has mated A-te-Ells Madame Vimza at kennel Buskelunds, also new photos of him thanks to Carina!!!

DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity┤s Saga has competed in District Masterships for Belgian Shepherds in working (SL1) and got the title SL1. Also they became Danish Masters in this class. Saga will also compete in obediance at the World Championship for Belgian Shepherds in Czech Republic in May. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! And we will keep our fingers crossed.....;)

New photos of Eternity┤s Phara and Eternity┤s Yaga.

New photos of Camlots offspring Red Goblins Catlah, Caxah and Cargush. Also new photos of Bazzakulls Cowboy.

Unfortunaly we won┤t be able to go to Germany this summer with Vega, and we still haven┤t decided whether we will mate her this coming heat with another male and come back to Aragon later on, or if we shall postpone the mating until next heat....



New photos of NUCH Eternity┤s Vici and Eternity┤s Xenia. Also new photos in our private photogallery.

Eternity┤s Wendy has passed the MH description and is gunproof.

Eternity┤s Waldemar has been x-rayed with A hips (results from elbows will hopefully come next week).



New photos of pE Eternity┤s Vogue who recently took 1U in open class with CAC and CACIB for Michel Griol, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

New photo of Eternity┤s Yndra as well:)



Results SWEDISH WINNER SHOW-09, SKK Malm÷ Int. Judge Eva Borg Liljekvist:

KORAD LP I Eternity┤s Spirit was Best Male, BOS with CACIB and Swedish Winner-09

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir was 2:nd Best Female with CAC (in workingclass).

NUCH Eternity┤s Vici was 3:rd Best Male

Eternity┤s Spexa was 3:rd Best Female

NW-09 Eternity┤s Vega was 4:th Best Female


Thanks to Nina, Pelle, Karin, Rick and Andreas for all the help and a nice day!


FINJW-03 HK3 BH FINCH Eternity┤s Qhaos won SILVER in Finnish Championship Skijoring 2009!!!

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir has been eyetested clear again.

Camlot is proud father again: 2 males and 3 females are born at kennel Tikkabis!



KORAD LP I SW-09 Eternity┤s Spirit

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir

Eternity┤s XLNT

Eternity┤s Yrah

Eternity┤s Xenia (but almost 4 months old photo)

Eternity┤s Xulan



Our e-mail works again as normal...more updates soon. Just have to fix some issues since we changed computer:)



HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Camlots first litter, Red Goblins C-litter, who are 4 years today!!! Wish you were here Carmah.....!



Eternity┤s Yaga was BOB puppy this weekend, CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Eternity┤s Xoran Best male Puppy and BOS in Bod÷, Norway.

KORAD SW-08 Eternity┤s Raven has been mated with KORAD Belgerac Zaro! New photos of her.

New photos of her sister, BH Eternity┤s Ramah.

Camlot will definitly be proud father again at kennel Tikkabis!



Korad Eternity┤s Safir has been eyetested clear again.

New photos of Eternity┤s Xavier, Eternity┤s Xoran, Eternity┤s Vogue, NW-08 Eternity┤s Vega, Eternity┤s Varjas, Eternity┤s Vulcan, NUCH Eternity┤s Vici, Eternity┤s Yhrsa and finally some new photos of our grand old lady Etty!!!

Also, new photos at Camlots offspring: Bństdals Elsass and Bazzakulls Calypso.

Eternity┤s Spexa was 4:th most beautiful groenendael during 2008, based on only one show!

NW-08 Eternity┤s Vega was 2:nd most beautiful tervueren 2008 and NW-08 NUCH Grimmendans Camlot was 3:rd best tervueren 2008!



Eternity┤s Yndra has moved to kennel Champs du Trefle in Norway.

Camlot has mated NUCH Tikkabis Ofelia. Puppies hopefully expected in middle of March:)



In less then 2 months our dogs at home has achieved 8 CAC:s, 2 winnertitles, 4 BOB:s, 2 BOS, 1 BIG 3 placement and finally today 2 Norwegian Championtitles:) 

Result from Eidsvoll, Noway. Judge Petra Junehall:

BOB with CAC (NUCH) and BIG 3: NUCH NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot

BOB with CAC (NUCH): NUCH Eternity┤s Vici (Guess if Kevin is proud over his dog?)

Also, today Eternity┤s Yaga moved to her new home and 2 new photos of her are added. Thanks to Champs du Trefle! We wish them best of luck!!!

Some new photos of p E Eternity┤s Vogue.



Some new photos of Eternity┤s Yhrsa and Yndra.

Results from SKK International Show "My Dog" 090104, Judge Kitty Sjong:

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir, 2:nd price in workingclass.

KORAD LP I Eternity┤s Spirit, 1:st Exc with CK in Workingclass and 2:nd best male. (Emmabourne Moonshadow, father to our Y-litter was BOB, Congratulations!)

KORAD SW-08 Eternity┤s Raven will have puppies with KORAD Belgerac Zaro at kennel Thunderwolfs. The litters pedigree reminds of our S-litter!

Camlot will soon be a proud father again!




Showresults SKK National Show "My Dog" Gothenburg 090103. Judge Eva Eriksson

KORAD LP I Eternity┤s Spirit 1:st in workingclass, Exc + CK and 2:nd best male

KORAD Eternity┤s Safir, 1:st in workingclass with Exc.

Showresults Letohallen, Eidsvoll, Norway 081229. Judge Kurt Nilsson:

NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot BOB with CAC

NW-08 Eternity┤s Vega BOS with CAC

Eternity┤s Vici, 2:nd best male with CAC

Now they all just need one more to become CH.....;)

New photos of following dogs:

Eternity┤s Vici,  NW-08 Eternity┤s Vega, Eternity┤s Wands at the Ready. and lots of new ones of HIC AUSTCH Eternity┤s Shakira, HUGE thanks to Carro!

New photos of Eternity┤s Vulcan. He will have puppies again at kennel Buskelunds.

All in the X and the Y -litters have their individual pages and photos are added:)

Some new results which should have been added earlier, but we we┤re out of computer at that time:

Eternity┤s Unique has competed in Rally Obediance and has now 2 legs there:)

Eternity┤s With Pleasure has been eyetested clear.

MT 496 p LP II Eternity┤s Spirou competed 081019 in Obedianceclass III. He got 1:st price and was placed 1:st of 8 dogs! HUGE congratulations to Anita!

DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III Eternity┤s Saga competed in Agility in Ílstykke, DK. They ran 3 heats, all without any faults and got following results: In AG3 Saga was placed 4:th. In AG Open she was placed nr 8 and in class 3 she won the class and got the first stick in that class. New photo of her from the competition!


New page, For Sale: New photos of our puppies who are looking for new homes. Also, if you are looking for a tervueren, grandchildren from Camlot are looking for new homes at kennel Red Heats!

And finally, NEW PUPPIEPLANS OUT!  Well, hope I haven┤t forgotten something....?


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