NEWS 2008






WE ARE BACK ON LINE and w..e have LOTS of news....

We have 2 very prominsing female puppies for sale for active homes!!!


International Show in Hamar, Norway 08.11.23. Judge Thord Byström:

Eternity´s Vici: Exc, 1:st in Open class, CAC and R-CACIB and 2:nd Best Male.

NW-08 Grimmendans Camlot: Exc, 1:st in Open class, CAC, CACIB, Best Male and BOS

Eternity´s Waldemar: Exc, 1:st in Youth class and 3:rd Best Male

NW-08 Eternity´s Vega: Exc, 1:st in Open class CAC, CACIB, Best Female and BOB!

International Show in Stockholm, judge Sonny Ström:

KORAD LP Eternity´s Spirit: Exc, 1:st in Workingclass and 5:th Best male.

Eternity´s Wolf: Exc

Eternity´s Varjas: Exc

Eternity´s Wilja: Exc, 1:st in Youthclass  and 3:rd Best female


More photos of our dogs, the puppies etc will come when we have re-installed more programs in the computer;)



We have decided male for Safir next year!!! Take a look...

Have forgotten to tell you, but HIC AUST CH Eternity´s Shakira has got eyes tested clear this year:)



New photos of the puppies at 4 weeks of age. 2 lovely females are available!

KORAD Eternity´s Safir has today competed in lower class search and gained points enough to be able to compete in workingclass for CAC at show!

BH Eternity´s Ramah competed today in obediance class I, became 3:rd in the competition and are now allowed to compete in class II.



to Australia! HUGE THANKS to Debbie at Manlötens for all your support and arrangments! And thanks to Carin who recommended her!:) He made all fall in love with him before he left;) Also a HUGE THANKS to Gunbritt who has helped us babysitting him daytime until he left!  We will miss you Xavier!

2 females available from the Y-litter (Moonshadow x Qarismah.) Photos of the puppies will come this weekend:)

We have decided male for will come out soon!!!

Eternity´s Ramah has passed the BH test in Finland. She has also passed the AD-test (something for German Shepherd dogs in Finland) and the finnish breedclubs TAN test as well! Congratulations Mia, we are looking forward to the spring;)!''

Eternity´s Wendy has been to show: Växjö SKK International: Exc in Youthclass.

Eternity´s Wilda has been to show as well, judge Firmin Aertgeerts: Excellent.




Camlot is now grandfather:) Red Goblins Critah has puppies with Domburg Tip Top for Tokajer, take a look here!

Red Goblins Cargush competed in Obediance this weekend, got 178 points and placement 3. CONGRATULATIONS MARIA & CAGGE!!!

KORAD Eternity´s Safir competed in


New puppieplans for next year out!



Qarismah finally had her puppies today;) 4 black females...



Xenia has moved to an old friend of ours! I hope she will give him lots of joy!!!

Qarismah is due any day exciting!:)



New photos of Eternity´s Varjas, thanks to Valkohampaan!

New photos of Eternity´s Vici.



New plans for next year!

Qarismah seems pregnant;)



Eternity´s Vulcan and Anita has competed in tracking class I today. They earned 265 points, are now allowed to compete in class II and they won the competiton! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!

Eternity´s Xenia for sale!



Eternity´s Wilda has been x-rayed and she has A hips and free elbows:)

New photo of Eternity´s Vici.



A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAS SENT US WONDERFUL CARING E-MAILS!!! It´s been lovely to read them and to see how many people all over the world cares as well visit our pages!:)

New photos of the puppies, the wheather was BAD so the quality are perhaps not the best though...:/ Soon they are all leaving. They have all received their names as well.

Eternity´s Wendy has been competing in Tracking for hurt animals, "Anlagsprov Viltspårshund" and was approved. More to come....



Today "Tia" The One (and only) sadly has left us. Her pain were finally to much even for her. No words can express our deep sorrow, she was a dream from many years, an offspring to Quantas, and when he died, I cired and prayed for Etty to give birth to at least one little girl for us.  Tia was born as the only one in the litter"THE ONE" and through the years her strentgh of character, joy and playfullness helped her through the hard times. We will never ever ever have another dog like her, she was an outstanding dog in temperement and all who met her were impressed by her somehow. Now when she left our dreams followed her to heaven as well as the bloodline of Quantas....

                    To Tia;

                   "I will live forever

                    If you always keep me in your mind
                    And it doesn't matter
                    How far I am
                    If I ever leave you
                    I'm gonna be there by your side
                    If you ever need me
                    Well, here I am
                    I'm gonna live forever
                    Don't you ever forget
                    And all the stars in heaven
                    Will shine for me
                    I'm gonna live forever
                    No never forget
                    And no one's lost in heaven's

                    You will live in our hearts for eternity....



New photos of the puppies:)



New photos of the pups out.

New photos of Eternity´s Wilda.

Eternity´s Vulcan has competed in obediance class II. He got 171 p with placement 4.

 FINJW-03 HK3 BH FINCH Eternity´s Qhaos is the Champion of South-East District in Search Competition. He got 93/100 in the Obediance and 159/170 p in the searching. Their on their way to the KVA title (workingCh).

Eternity´s Unique has competed in Rally obediance and got 94 points!

Camlots daughter Bazzakulls Cobra was BOB today.





My mother became 70 years today!!! CONGRATULATIONS MUM!

At Lilla Edets Workingdog Club Show:

KORAD LP I Eternity´s Spirit became BOB and BEST IN SHOW 4!

KORAD Eternity´s Safir became BOS, passed the exteriordescription and got the title KORAD!

KORAD SW-08 Eternity´s Raven passed the exteriordescription and got the title KORAD!

And at SKK National Show in Ronneby Eternity´s Wendy became BOB!





DKCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III Eternity´s Saga won 080803 the obediancecompetition in class III with a total of 261,5 points out of 280 possible and became DANISH OBEDIANCECHAMPION!  They have also competed in agility again, this time in runclass, won the competition and are now up to II class! Also, a little bird whispered that her "mum" Susse has said yes to Mogens so a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU for all! You are just fabolous;) Some new photos of her as well:)

CONGRATULATIONS also to Camlots brother Grimmendans Cam who added on more title this past weekend. He earned the American Belgian Tervuren Clubs Versatility award since he has earned titles in obediance, herding, agility, tracking and rally!

And finally Qarismah is mated:)

Also, Camlot will have puppies in Norway during 2009 wíth NUCH Tikkabis Ofelia!



New photos of the puppies at 2 weeks of age!



10 years ago groenendaels entered my life...As the "tervuerenperson from top to toe" I was, I still couldn´t refuse a black one entering my life after Tchai gave birth to Etty:) If it ever would be a black, it would have to be her! And I must say I have never regretted it!;) HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ETERNITYH, ERAH, ELSKAH, ENDOHR & EGOISTHE!!!



This saturday I went to the southern part of Sweden to participate at an MH descpription with Vega & Vici. Nina & Pelle kindly offered me to stay at Pelles mothers place at the sea in Sölvesborg! Guess if it was beautiful.......didn´t want to leave at all and in the evening we took a long walk at the beach:) On saturday we went to the dogclub and the few people who were there left about the same time as we arrived. The MH test was cancelled and nobody had told me!!! I had driven 500 km for nothing........and then I had to get back! Upset and disapointed, we decided to do something fun with the day and so we went to the beach! Ninas friend Linda had just bought a new camera (Canon EOS 40D, which I wanted to steel;) so we took lots of photos.....some can be seen here, but more will come! After that we bought some nice chinafood and enjoyed it in a park!

A HUGE THANKS TO NINA & PELLE for being who you are, and to Pelles mother for letting us stay there!!! A HUGE thanks to Maria for meeting us, always lovely to see you and Camlots 2 greyones:) Also a HUGE THANKS to Linda for letting me borrow your camera, it was really nice to meet you! You all saved my "rotten" weekend:)! And with the MH description, I guess we just have to find another one......but Vega will soon be in heat, so who knows when that will happen?



New puppieplans!



Eternity´s Wendy has been x-rayed with result Hips A and elbows 0/0  (free).




New photos of Camlots son Red Goblins Crafth.

New photos of our children at About us and also take a look under Private gallery, some photos of us at the beach....also some new photos of The One.

gk MT Eternity´s Safir was BOS and KORAD LP I Eternity´s Spirit was BOB this weekend at SKK Halland National Show 080711, judge was Jochen H Eberhardt!




Results from the Circuitshow, judge Firmin Aertgeerts:

Eternity´s Waldemar: Excellent & 2:nd in Juniorclass.

Eternity´s Varjas: Excellent and 1:st in Youthclass.


Tervueren, judgen Benny Blid:

Eternity´s Waldemar: Excellent and 2:nd in Juniorclass.

Eternity´s Varjas: Excellent and 1:st in Youthclass.

Grimmendans Camlot: Excellent, 2:nd in Openclass and R-CAC.

Eternity´s Wilja: Excellent

Groenendael, judge Hans Lehtinen:

KORAD LP I Eternity´s Spirit: Excellent, 1:st in Workingclass with CAC! He now has all his CAC:s and we are keeping our fingers crossed for him and Karin for his next workingcompetition;)

KORAD SV-08 Eternity´s Raven: Excellent and 2:nd in Open class, R-CAC.


And finally: Spexa is sooo pregnant;)



New photos of NordJW-07 Eternity´s Wolf.

Eternity´s Waldemar was 2:nd best male 080621 with CAC and today he was BOB with CAC, judge today was Leni Finne! CONGRATULATIONS TANJA!!!



Puppieplans updated...for you who are looking for an energetic workingdog;)

LOTS of new photos of HIC AUSTR CH Eternity´s Shakira:)

Some new photos from Australia in our Private photogallery!




KORAD Eternity´s Qhyrac was 2:nd best male with CAC in workingclass in Gävle yesterday! Congratulations!!!

Eternity´s Vulcan has become father of 7, 6 groenendaelmales and 1 tervuerenfemale at kennel Widholmens:) Congratulation!

Eternity´s Waldemar was at show in Trondheim this weekend, he was 4:th best male with CK. Congratulations!



p.E. Eternity´s Vogue went to the NVBH Specialty in Holland. She was 2:nd Excellent in Youthclass, got selected for    p E and passed the charactertest with Social +, so now she has a new title ;)  Also some new photos of her!

New photo of Eternity´s Unique.



LP II Eternity´s Spirou has passed the Mentaltest at Värnamo BK today with a total of 496 points!!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Anita & "Tango";)!

This means Etty now has a total of 5 offsprings who has passed the Mentaltest in Sweden, (this far), Qhyrac, Raven, Safir, Spirit and Spirou. In Finland she has 3 offspring which have passed the Finnish Mentaltest: Qhaos, Qarmah-Donatrice and Ramah. Do we have to tell you that we are soooo proud over Etty and all her offsprings (and the owners who are doing such great job with them)??? We can never thank her enough for what she has given us and we can never thank Åsa & Leif enough for letting us having her! She is truly the dog of our dreams and a wonderful producer;)

New photos of our children;)



LP I Eternity´s Spirit went to Arvika today, he won the workingclass, took CAC and BOB and was BIS reserv. Judge was Eva Borg. Later that day, he did the exteriordescription for Bo Wiberg and can now title himself KORAD!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO KARIN & SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppieplans  updated, Spexa is mated:)  Crimmh behöver ett nytt hem!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camlots daughter Red Goblins Critah has competed in obediance class II, got 1:st price, won the competition and got the title LP II! Huge congratulations!!!

New photos of Eternity´s With Pleasure.

New photos of Eternity´s Safir from her Mentaltest!

Eternity´s Wendy has been to show, she got 1/1 with HP! Eternity´s Wolf has also been to show, but an unofficial show: he was BOB Junior and BIG 4 Junior. Judge was Linda Stääv.




Results from AfBV SBLO:s Specialty on Ivö Island 1:st of May:

´Tervueren, judge Sandra Smith (kennel Lebeu):

Grimmendans Camlot: 2:nd in Open class, CK and 4:th BEST MALE. Camlot also got 1:st price with HP for his progenygroup (Red Goblins Catlah, Bazzakulls Cowboy, Bazzakulls Cobra and Skanshills Athena) with a very nice qritique. Thank you all for staying  to join the group!;)

Eternity´s Wendy: 3:rd in Juniorclass with HP.

Eternity`s Vega: 1:st in Youth class with HP/CK, BOB Youngster, 5:th BEST FEMALE and BEST IN SHOW YOUNGSTER!

Groenendael, judge Janet Andrews (kennel Delator):

Eternity´s Vici: 1:st in Youthclass with HP/CK and BOS Youngster.

MT LP I Eternity´s Spirit: 1:st in Workingclass with CK and CAC. BOB Workingdog and BIS 2 WORKINGDOG!!! Also WINNER OF BELGARSPELEN (obediance with a lot of play)!

MT Eternity´s Safir:   1:st price at the show. Placed 2:nd in BELGARSPELEN!

Eternity´s Spexa: 1:st in Open class with CK. BOB Openclass, BIS OPEN CLASS, BEST OF BREED AND BEST IN SHOW 2!!!!

Spexa, Spirit, Safir and Vici also made us proud with becoming BEST IN SHOW BREEDER!!!

Spexa, Safir and Spirit joined KORAD Belgerac Zaros Progenygroup which became BIS 2 progenygroup: CONGRATULATIONS to Zaro with owners!!!


Meanwhile sister Eternity´s Suki passed the abilitytest to become a servicedog for the swedish defense so she is now under education! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


New photos of Grimmendans Camlot, Eternity´s The One, Eternity´s Spexa, Eternity´s Vici, Eternity´s Vega, Eternity´s Safir and Eternity´s Spirit.

Finally, Spexa is in heat now....take a look at puppieplans;)

Cameo is having her upcoming litter in Belgium with our friends and her co-owners Grimmendans!




Ok then...these two wonderful siblings has done it again....;)!!!

Today Eternity´s Spirit competed in Searching class II, and got enough points to compete in Workingclass at Show and he also was placed 2:nd!!!

 Sister Safir competed in Searching class I, WON the competition on 251 p and is now allowed to compete in class II.

Eternity´s Wands at the Ready has now taken 5 points toward the Championship!


New photos of Eternity´s Waldemar as well on his brother Wands at the Ready taking point 3 and 4.



Today Spirit and Safir went to Varbergs BK to enter the Mentaltest;) Spirit got 385 points and Safir got 378 points, both ok so now they only need the exteriordescription for gaining the title KORAD:) 





New photos of Eternity´s Varjas and his brother Vici. You find them both under Our dogs. I´m working on a new website so I won´t update this so much....



Stockholms International Kennelclub Show, judge Marit Östlund-Holmsten:

GRIMMENDANS CAMLOT BOB, CACIB and was taken out as one of top ten in Group 1.

Cameos daughter Grimmendans Fara, owned & loved by kennel Kiosan was BOS. Congratulations to owner, as well as breeder for both BOB and BOS;)

NORDJW-07 Eternity´s Wolf was 2:nd in Juniorclass with Excellent.

Eternity´s Wands at the Ready is now three points towards his championship. 2 weeks ago he was WINNERS DOG and today he was WINNERS DOG and BEST OF WINNERS and got another point:) New photo of him standing in the deep snow;)

New photos of LP I Eternity´s Spirit  and his sister Safir. New photos of Eternity´s Ursus. and Eternity´s Wilda.

Camlots daughter, LP I Red Goblins Critah competed in obediance class II today for the first time. She got a first price and was placed 3:rd among 13 dogs! (14 degrees minus and a LOT of snow....)



Last weekend Eternity´s Qarmah Donatrice went to Lithuania and Latvia for Show. She was BOB both days and got the titles Lithuania Winner 2008 and Latvia Winner 2008! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Eternity´s Wilja has moved to her new home, kennel Red Goblins.

Éternity´s Omrah has gone to heaven. Sleep in peace Dear Omrahpomrah, you will live in our hearts for eternity....



Eternity´s Safir and Eternity´s Spirit competed in Obediance class I today. Safir got 182 points and was placed 1:st and won. Spirit got 179,5 points, was placed 2:nd and got the title LP I. The competition was held at Bollebygd BK.



Camlots son Red Goblins Cargush has passed the swedish L-test (for becoming police or guarddog) with good result. The test was however not official since he is NOT for sale (and its only offical then). We hope to get the descprition later to put here;) BOY am I proud of my grandchild.....Kevin sends kisses to "his dog" and THANK YOU MARIA for being who you are and for giving him the best!!!

New puppieplans out!

LP I Eternity´s O´zkath "Arrac" has sadly left us. We have known him well since he was a puppie and he was a wonderful dog! Our thoughts go to Susanne with family. Arrac, you will live in our hearts for eternity....

When you're feeling alone
just remember our love,
I'm up near the stars
looking down from above.



FINJW-03 HK3 BH FINCH Eternity´s Qhaos took Bronse medal in the Finnish Championships Skiing (Men 10 km) this weekend! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!:)

Yesterday it was my birthday, tomorrow it will be my husbands:) CONGRATULATIONS DEAR JESPER! Aaaaand, this week we also celebrate 10 years together, which also means I have been a part of kennel Eternity for 10 years now............times travels fast when you have fun;)

Also, if you are looking for a tervuerenfemale, we have one looking for a new home......


2008.02.21   HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Camlots first litter born at Red Goblins, who today have their 3:rd birthday:) Hope you all got a lot of cake and bones!!! I just wished Carmah could have been here to celebrate with it has gone a little bit more then a year since you sadly left us and I still miss you like crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008.02.19 News on Puppieplans....


2008.02.17  New photos of some Eternity dogs: Vulcan, Vogue, Vega, Varjas,   Saga and Spexa.

Males for breeding updated.


2008.02.15 Eternity´s Vulcan eyes are checked, and they are ok;) He will be having puppies at kennel Widholmens with Fakaisers Amiens.


2008.02.14 On Valentines Day a wonderful friend left us...

Eternity´s Gilthanas sadly left us almost 15 years old. He lived a wonderful life, having a lot of fun.. Above a very successfull showcareer, he was also a wonderful workingdog. He competed in obediance, tracking and search in which he competed on the highest level, only one CAC from becoming a Working CH. "Yrac" produced offsprings in several countrys and his last litter was born when he was 14 years old, mother was Eternity´s Safir. He was truly a dog which combined brain and beauty and he will live in our hearts for eternity!!!

As I look into the Heaven
I feel that you are gone
But I know that you are there with God
Singing Life's Eternal Song

2008.02.05  Whole our inbox with e-mails has gone away and we cannot find it;/ If you have sent us a mail and haven´t got any answer, please send it again!!!

Change on puppieplans...

Spirit will have puppies in Polen at kennel Donum Cordis.

Vulcan has his own website!

Red Goblins Crafth has A hips and free elbows, JIPPI! Bazzakulls Cazanova and Calypso has both passed MH description and are secure of gunshots!


2008.01.31  Eternity´s Vulcan has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows and Eternity´s Varjas has been x-rayed with result A/B hips and free elbows:) Congratulations to the owners!

Eternity´s Spirit has competed his second time in Obediance class I and got 185 points and a first price and was placed second.

Qarismah is in heat, we will see if we manage to mate her....I will start my new job tomorrow  and cannot take any days off during the introduction and Jesper is of course at a conference which he can´t miss during the days she is "ready" :/ Life is wonderful isn´t it???????????????????????????????????


2008.01.14 I am working on a new site....but here are some updates anyway...

I took some new photos today of Eternity´s Vici, it was a bit dark so the quality are perhaps not the best and also he is a bit muddy after playing with the other dogs just before, but the sun came out so I decided to take some before he got his bath;)

Also some new photos of s.r Grimmendans Cameo and Eternity´s Vega as well:)



2008.01.06  Swedish Winner Show 2008, judge Karl-Erik Johansson:

Eternity´s Raven  BOB, CACIB and SW-08

Eternity´s Spirit 2:nd best male, r-cacib.

Huge Congratulations to Annelie & Karin with dogs!


2008.01.01 First of all; A HUGE CONGRATULATION to all the puppies in the S-litter who are 3 years today!!!

Also, today it´s a special day in more then one´s the year 2008, which means it´s exactly 20 years since the first puppie saw the daylight at kennel Eternity. It´s also a special year, since it´s now 10 years since me & Jesper met and I joined the kennel! Time goes fast......when you have fun!

Finally, I have decided to start a new blogg for ALL YOU GUYS; who are owners of a dog born at Eternity! If you have a puppie from Camlot or any other grandchild and really like to join, you are welcome as well! If you like to join send me a mail at and I send an invitation. The link will be on the top soon (if everybody thinks it´s a good idea and like to join). The adress is: