NEWS 2007


2007.12.30  Today it´s Eliahs 4:th BIRTHDAY!!! Kisses to our prince:) Kevin had his birthday the 22:nd of December and he is now 6 years old, a big boy now.......!

To all of you out there, we haven´t had the time to send Christmas Cards this year, since we got sick...THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all the lovely cards, you are all in our thoughts!

Eternity´s Spirit has competed in Obediance class I for the first time: 186 points, a first price and they won the competition (of 20 entries!!!) at Lerkil/Kungsbacka BK.

And at last, Camlots daughter Red Goblins Critah had her eyes checked again and is still free on her eyes! She will have her first litter this coming year with the nice young male Domburg Tip Top for Tokajer. Can you believe that Camlot will be grandfather......;)


 2007.12.18  Eternity´s Wolf was BEST JUNIOR MALE at the Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm, judge Gert Christensen. He is now NORDJW-07!!! Congratulations Siv!

Eternity´s Raven & Suki got 1:st price (Exc) and was placed 3:rd and 4:th in Open class.

Eternity´s Vici has A hips and free elbows and Vega has B hips and free elbows.

New photo of Eternity´s Unique.



2007.11.27 New photos of Eternity´s With Pleasure, Eternity´s Wands at the Ready, Eternity´s Undehr and Camlot son Skanshills Atlas.

Eternity´s Waldemar got 1:st price, Honourprice and was placed first in Juniorclass at Norwegian Winner Show, judge Eva Eriksson.

Eternity´s Wendy got 1:st price, Honourprice and placed first in Juniorclass on her first official show. Judge Eva Borg.

Eternity´s Wolf was BOB Junior on his last show. (Unofficial puppyshow)., judge Anna-Lena Munkwall.

Eterníty´s The One has been x-rayed officially, Hips A and elbows 1/0. (She was free on both elbows at 1 year of age).

Eternity´s Undehr has got his own website.

I have made some info of Camlots statistics under his Offspring site:)

News at Puppieplans.


2007.11.19  Red Goblins Crafth is looking for a new home due to changed familysituation.


2007.11.18  Eternity´s Shakira has free hips (3:3) and free elbows (0:0). New photos of her as well, thank you Rob & Ann:)


2007.11.15 New photos of Eternity´s Vici and Etenrity´s Varjas. Also lots of new photos  of their father  s.r. Int & Balt & Fin & S & Ltu & Lv & Est Ch LtuW-03 JK2 TK2 Valkohampaan Chef d´Oeuvre.

Camlots son Skanshills Atlas has been x.rayed with A hips and free elbows:)


2007.11.13 Eternity´s Saga took her last CAC and was 2:nd best female at the Danish Specialty this weekend, Judge Dirk Spruyt! She can now title herself DKCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III Eternity´s Saga.


2007.11.12  FINJW-03 HK3 BH FINCH Eternity´s QHAOS competed in search in Imatra 071014 and is now titled HK 3!!! Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Sanna and Kaapo;)

Camlots daughter Red Goblins Critah has competed in obediance again and is now titled LP I.

Last week Eternity´s Wands at the Ready has officially his first POINT towards his championship! It was a 4 day show and the first 2 days he took BOB both days and went into Group the second. The third day he was Reserve and Best Puppy of Breed. He went on to take Herding Group Puppy ONE - so that is a group one puppy placement. The forth day he took his first point as Winners Dog and Best Opposite!! ! CONGRULATIONS!!!

Eternity´s Wendy  was BOB puppy for Thord Byström at SKK:s show in Växjö! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Eternity´s Vogue got Exc and was Meilleur Jeune (Best youth) on her last show! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Have forgot to mention that Eternity´s Wolf was BOB and BIG 2 puppy a while ago....

New photos of Eternity´s Safir, Spirit and The One.

We are soooooo proud of you all!


2007.10.29  LOTS OF UPDATES:) Haven´t had time for you guys....The children has been sick, huge colds, busy at work and Camlot has got Borrelia and Ehrlichia although he has Frontline.......:( Therefor we had to cancel our trackingcompetitions.....Anyway finally here are all the news:)

Eternity´s Suki competed in obediance class I a while ago...they got 183,5 points, got a 1:st price and won the competition! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

Eternity´s Spirit competed last weekend in searching, got 274,5 points and are now allowed to compete in class II. They also won the whole competition and had the best result total of the day (including the tracking and rapport dogs). HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

Eternity´s Saga has competed in obediance class III, they got 1:st price, 251,5points and was placed 2:nd among all dogs.

Saga, Spirit, Saga and Suki are all grandchildren to Eternity´s Joy of Belgerac. Also some other children and grandchildren from her are doing great: Belgerac Buddha passed the IPO III exam in  Holland and Belgerac Dark Demon has passed the Search and Rescue test in Denmark. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!! Both Frederic & Annelie and we are soo proud of all Joys siblings who are doing so great...;)

Eternity´s Vulcan has done the MH description with result 1 in shooting:)

Eternity´s Whisper has been to her first show, she was BOB and BIG 3 puppy! She has also got herself a new website:

New photos of Eternity´s Wilda.

Eternity´s Waldemar was entered to his last puppy show, he was BOB, BIG and BIS 2 (12 tervuerenpuppies was entered). HUGE CONGRATULATIONS !!!Also new photos of him, thank you Merethe!

Eternity´s Wands at the Ready took RWD on his last show. New photo of him.

New photos of Grimmendans Cameo.

New photos of Eternity´s Wilja.

Camlots offspring:    Eternity´s Undehr and his brother Ursus has been x-rayed with the result Hips A, and free elbows. Undehr also checked his eyes and they were also free:) Also a new photo of Undehr, alias Pendragon.

Bästdals Egil and Bästdals Elsass has passed the MH description with result 2 in shooting. 

Bazzakulls Cazper and Bazzakulls Cobra has been x-rayed with result Hips A, free elbows and has also eyes tested clear. Cobra has also been to show, Swedish Kennelclubs show at Sofiero with result Exc and placed 2:nd best female.

Red Goblins Critah has competed in obediance again, first price and 161 points:) She is now also allowed to compete in tracking class II:)

New links to Eternity´s Whisper, Kennel Hogwarts (US), Kennel Willow Creek (FIN), Bandit vom Waldeckerland (GE), Newstory Kiwi, Lann Morian Faxebrand, Eternity´s Ozkath & Axevas Svecias, van´t Groenveld, Greenpearl and Myslya.



2007.09.21  New photos of Skanshills Athena, Camlots offspring.

Ettys last little black girl Eternity´s Vogue got Exc at the French Specialty. She also passed the CSAU and TAN tests including shooting test:) Huge congratulations to Griet, Gert, Pauline & Jean-Louis!


2007.09.19 New photos of Eternity´s Whisper.


2007.09.17  OLD GENTLEMAN DID IT AGAIN; Eternity´s Gilthanas has become father at kennel Belgerac at a age of 14:) Congratulations to Frederic & Annelie, we know these pups were highly longed for....

Eternity´s Suki got 292 p at the new Mentaltest today, secure to gunshots.

Eternity´s Umbrah is x-rayed on hips with result A. Eternity´s Ursus is x rayed and we are waiting for answer....

Eternity´s Wolf BOB and BIG 3 for Jeanette Lemmeke at Unofficial show in Gubbängen Stockholm

Eternity´s Wands at the Ready BOB and BIG 3 in US. Also this weekend he took Reserv to the Major and after that he took BIG 4.

Eternity´s Saga has competed:

In Hilleröd she was 2:nd in SP1 and got the first stick in runclass.

In Albertsund she was 2:nd i n AG1 and got second stick in agilityclass.

In Gundsölille Saga WON BOTH SP1 and AG1 and got second stick in runclass and third and last stick in agilityclass so they are now allowed to compete in class IIin Agilityclass. 

In Hornbaek she was 2:nd in AG class II and got first stick.

Last saturday she competed in obediance class III in Bröndy and she got 231.5 points and 1:st price and 3:rd place. She can now be titles LP III!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO Susse and Sina (Saga).

 New photos of Eternity´s Raven. Eternity´s Wilja, Eternity´s Wizzard, Eternity´s Wendy, Eternity´s Umbrah, Eternity´s Wands at the Ready, Eternity´s With Pleasure.