New photo of Eternity´s Loke,

News from Denmark: Eternity´s Herah 2nd best obediance belgian shepherd 2017 and Eternity´s Halo 7th best obediance belgian shepherd. And the fantastic Eternity´s Saga  BEST RALLY OBEDIANCEDOG 2017!

The pups from Calvin & Juby are born, 2 males and 6 females!



New photos from Grimm & Lysah puppies.


Juby is definitly having puppies now in end of december:)!  Both groenendael and tervueren expected.

Diwa is mated to KORAD SWECH LP I LPII Eternity´s Heyday.

New photos from Eternity´s Nirvana, Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Oscah,






Karin Jesper Eternity Belgians foto.

Karin had the honour to be invited to judge the Young and Veteran day at NVBH in Netherlands, together with Sandra Dubach. We had a great time with lovely people and dogs. Thanks especially to Esther & Jos van Tiem for taking so good care of Karin!


New photos from Grimm & Lysah puppies

Our Juby is in heat and will be mated soon:)

Our lovely Lyrah has done the MH description with result 1 in shooting:) Congratulations to her family:)!

New photos of Eternity´s Ohana, Eternity´s Kwando




Our dream came true! 4 Grimm & Lysah puppies were born 2017-09-18, all females. No puppies are available.


KORAD LP 1 LP2 SWE CH Eternity´s Heyday has competed in ELITE class tracking for the first time, got approved and can now add title SPH III to his titles.

Vici´s tervbrother Eternity´s Varjas has mated CIB EE & LT CH BH HWT IHT1 No-How Follow me. We cross our fingers for a lovely litter at kennel No-How.

New photos of Eternity´s Odetta. She got 1st Exc in Juniorclass today at Eskilstuna Workingdogclub.

Vici´s daughter Thinice Helia was BEST PUPPY at a show in Ballerup, Denmark yesterday. Congratulations to Sonny & Lilleba!


Our results from the BHCN Specialty in Holland 2017-09-16:

Eternity´s Noah 1st Exc in young class

Eternity´s Kwando 1st Exc Openclass males and RCAC

Eternity´s Jerome 3rd Exc in Championclass.

New photos of Eternity´s Jerome, Eternity´s Kwando, Eternity´s Noah Thanks to Yannick Butez!


Our results from the UKC Regional Specialty 2017, judge Sharon Redmer:

Eternity´s Jagger Best of Winners, best male and best groenendael.

Eternity´s Ohana won her class.




Our results from National de´l Elevage Aubigny Sur Nere 2017:

Eternity´s Noah 1 exc class Jeune, BEST JEUNE

Eternity´s Lynx CSAU + TAN Exc, 2nd Exc class Intermediate

pE Belg Youth CH Romanian CH Eternity´s Kwando 4th Exc in Open class (36 entries), selected Sujét Recommandé SR (only 9 males selected)

KORAD LP 1 LP2 SWE CH Eternity´s Heyday  CSAU + TAN, 6th Exc in working class

pE Romanian CH HIC Eternity´s Jerome 5th Exc in Championclass (18 entries) and selected Sujét Recommandé SR (only 9 males selected)

BIS S.R INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Helsinki Winner 2016 Finnish Winner 2016 Eternity´s Calvin 1st Exc in Championclass, BEST MALE and BOS.

CH Luca de Bruine Buck (Vici´s son and Lysahs brother)  2nd Exc in Championclass, selected Sujét Recommandé SR.

SR NUCH SW VW-15 Eternity´s Vici 1 st Exc Veteranclass, Meilleur Veteran male, 1st Exc Groupe  de Reproducteur and  Meilleur Reproducteur at NE. Vici now has 4 offsprings that are selected Sujét Recommandé and will now become Reproducteur Elite A,  RE:) On the photo, Vici with his offsprings Kwando, Kvinas Loving the thunder, Rafale de Terre Sauvage and Luca de Bruine Buck.

SKarin Jesper Eternity Belgians foto.

Down: BEST MALE selection. Calvin, Byron de Bruine Buck and Vici, winners from Champion, Open and Veteran class:)

Karin Jesper Eternity Belgians foto.


2017-09-03 KORAD LP 1 LP2 SWE CH Eternity´s Heyday was BEST OF BREED with CACIB at SKK international show. Congratulations to Claes and Marita!






Our results from Norwegian Specialty 2017:

BIS S.R INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Helsinki Winner 2016 Finnish Winner 2016 Eternity´s Calvin BOB and BEST IN SHOW both days!!! Judges Babs Robinson and Bente Harlem!


Our results from Swedish Specialty, judge Beata Strybova

Thinice Helia (Vicidaughter) 1 HP, BOB and BIS puppy 4-6 months. Congratulations Sonny & Lilleba!

Eternity´s Ozcah 1 HP, BOB and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY 6-9 months

Eternity´s Odetta 2nd with HP in puppyclass 6-9 months

Eternity´s Grimm Jr 2nd Exc Open class

Eternity´s Naomi 1 Exc juniorclass, CK and 4th best female

Eternity´s Nirvana 2nd Exc in juniorclass, CK and 5th best female

Eternity´s Lyrah 1st Exc Intermediate, CK, 2nd best female and BIS intermediate

Eternity´s Lynx 2nd Exc Intermediate class, CK and 4th best male




Vici has become father again, this time to 6 males at kennel Wideminds in Finland.

Eternity´s Juby and Eternity´s Lynx has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.



New photos of Eternity´s Niamh, Eternity´s Odetta and Eternity´s Oscah and Oscah and Odetta together on Oscahs page.


Eternity´s Nike was 1 Exc and BEST JUNIOR at the CAC show in Szentes this weekend. Huge congratulations!



New photos of Eternity´s Nirvana, Eternity´s Lynx, Eternity´s Noah, Eternity´s Heyday, Eternity´s Operah, Eternity´s Odetta, Eternity´s Oscah, Eternity´s Luna,

 pE Belg Youth CH Romanian CH Eternity´s Kwando, Eternity´s Grimm Jr, Eternity´s Oracle, Eternity´s Oscah, Eternity´s Othello &

and Vici´s children Rising Sun de la Terre Sauvage.


Eternity´s Jagger has been x-rayed with free hips and elbows and eyetested clear.

EST J CH Eternity´s Echo has passed the BH test.

Eternity´s Busa has competed in Nosework competition again, got 100 p and was placed 3rd of 40 dogs! She has also competed in Rallyobediance class advanced and got approved!



Our results from the Danish Championship for Belgians:

LP I LP II Eternity´s Herah got points for World Championships and won the groupcompetition. She also got the trophy for agilitydog 2016.

She also competed in obedianceclass II, won the class and became Danish Master in obediance. HUGE congratulations to Jette & Allan for this wonderful results!


Some of our dogs done the MH description:

Eternity´s Juby, Eternity´s Karma, Eternity´s Lynx, and Eternity´s Grimoire.


Our results at the Dutch Specialty 2017-05-28

Eternity´s Noah Best male puppy

pE Belg Youth CH Romanian CH Eternity´s Kwando  3rd Exc in openclass

pE Romanian CH HIC Eternity´s Jerome  3rd Exc in Championclass


KORAD LP 1 LP2 SWE CH Eternity´s Heyday was BOB with CACIB at the International Swedish Kennelclub show same day.



Our results from Belgium Specialty in May, judge Emanuele Boriero:

Eternity´s Noah 1 VP, BOB and BIS puppy

pE Belg Youth CH Romanian CH Eternity´s Kwando 1 Exc in Openclass

pE Romanian CH HIC Eternity´s Jerome 4th Exc in Championclass







Results from American Kennelclub BSCA Nationals (Specialty for Belgian Sheepdogs, Groenendaels US):

Day 1: Eternity´s Jagger Winners Dog and Vici-son Cartouche Comme Un Reve Noir was Reserve Winners Dog.

Day 2: Eternity´s Jagger Best male and BEST OF WINNERS.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Linda Fung with Jagger and to  Anna-Maria at Comme Un Reve Noir and Becky Burgess with Cartouche!!!


New photos of:

Eternity´s Heaven, Eternity´s Odetta, Eternity´s Oscah, Eternity´s Louky when training Rescuedog, Eternity´s Orion, Eternity´s Halo, Eternity´s Mystiq, Eternity´s Merlot, Eternity´s Herah,

Vici´s son Nadjarahs Iron Cash

Vici has mated No-How Fifth Element at kennel Wideminds, Finland.




SR NO CH SW VW-15 Eternity´s Vici has become father again, Donatrix Belicia gave birth to 2 males & 1 female  and Spader Ess Granada gave birth 170422 to 2 males & 3 females.

170422 also Vici´s daughter Ikka-Likka Oasis Pearl won BOB with CAC and BIS at the Danish Specialty. She also achieved the title DK CH! Huge congratulations to Kate!

Same day  Vicí´s son IPO -VO ICH CH A CH PL CH SK Ayers Rock Groenoir was shown at Int Show in Ceske Budejovice, got 1 Exc with CAC and res CACIB and therefor became Champion of Czech Republic too:)  Huge congratulations to Groenoir:)!

UKC CH Eternity´s Jarah has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

New photos of Eternity´s Nike




LOTS of updates! Sorry for not having updated the site for very very long time. In fact, not since last year.

December 2016 was the month of loss...first we lost a dear friend, Sussie Strandgĺrd. Then we lost Vega...my soulmate and Tildes best friend and "sister".

Just a few days later Jaras was hit and killed by a car in Norway and January 2017 started with that Maleficent in Norway had to be put to sleep. It´s been a rough time and a lot of grief.

December was also the time for joy and celebrations...Kevin turned 15 and Eliah 13 years. Our N pups look stunning and the O litter are great. Now we hope for some happier time ahead and that it takes sometime before we lose a dear one again.


New results:

Eternity´s Nike: BOB puppy in Hungary 2017-04-15

KORAD SUCH LP I LP II Eternity´s Heyday has competed in Higher class tracking and is now approved to compete in Elite class tracking:)!!!

Eternity´s Lance has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

170304: EST JCH Eternity´s Echo competed in agility class 1, clean run, placement 2 and CAC.


Vici´childrens results: Kvinas Leaning on the Moon BOB with CACIB and CAC in Norway.

Remiel de la Terre Sauvage got CAC, BOB and Clubwinner at the specialty in Hungary 170219.


SKK International Show, Strängnäs 170314, judge Anita Whitmarsh:

1 Exc, CK, CACIB and BEST OF BREED: Eternity´s Grimm Jr

1 Exc, CK, CACIB and BEST OF BREED: SW JW -14 SW JW-15 Eternity´s Juby

BOB Puppy: Eternity´s Nirvana

1 HP

Other news:

pE Romanian CH Belg YouthCH Eternity´s Kwando´s 2 first litter has been born, one of them at du Bois du Tot.

SR NUCH Eternity´s Vici is father again, this time at kennel Thinice, Sweden. He is also soon going to be father at kennel Spader Ess (SWE) and Donatrix (FI), both females confirmed pregnant.

Vici´s offspring page is updated with new plans, results and photos:)


New photos:

New photos of Eternity´s Calvin, Karma, Grimm Jr, Nadine, Jagger , Niamh, Nike, Zafira, Olrick, Odetta, Kyrah, Oscah, Lupah, Noah, Nirvana, Naomi, Ohana,

Jackpot, Djinn, Memory.


New photos of some of Vici´s offspring: Kvinas Leaning on the Moon (Bergerau Painted Lady). Remiel de la Terre Sauvage.


Still have to update photos from M, N and O litters:) It will come!


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