Tervuerenpuppies born, 3+5:)! Our first tervuerenlitter for 3,5 years, soooo much longed for:) All puppies have individual pages and there are photos up:)


New photos of Eternity┤s Kwando, Eternity┤s Jerome, Eternity┤s Nestor, Eternity┤s Notorious, Eternity┤s Nike, Eternity┤s Karma, Eternity┤s Nova, Eternity┤s Nirvana, Eternity┤s Nadine, Eternity┤s Naomi, Eternity┤s Noah, Eternity┤s Niamh and Eternity┤s Night.


Results from Danish Winner and Copenhagen winner 2016:

Eternity┤s Calvin 2nd best male both days. Eternity┤s Louky 3rd best male on Danish winner with CAC.

Results from Norwegian winner 2016: Eternity┤s Calvin 2nd best male (judge Dirk Spruyt).


Results from Helsinki Winner 2016 and Finnish Winner 2016:

Eternity┤s Calvin was BOB, Helsinki Winner 2016 with CAC and CACIB for Emanuele Boriero at Helsinki Winner 2016.

Eternity┤s Calvin was BOB, Finnish winner 2016 with CAC and CACIB for Sonny Str÷m at Finnish Winner 2016.


Results from SKK National show in Rńttvik, judge Bo Wiberg:

LP I SUCH Eternity┤s Heyday was BOB.




Puppies have gotten their names:) We are so satisfied with the litter, very even and consistent in type, happy social character with lots of will for biting/playing. Still a few puppies available: Nestor, Notorious, Nike, Naomi and perhaps one more male.

Eternity did well in USA at UKC National Specialty UBSDA:) Judge was Jean-Louis Vandenbemden, (Hoge Laer, High Clearings and Corsini)

Eternity┤s Jagger got Excellent (completely naked). New photos of him!

UKC CH Eternity┤s Jarah got AWARD of WINNER as the only groenfemale in Championclass and of 5 in total from 30 dogs in Championclass:) New photos of Jarah.

New photos of  Jerome and Calvin, thanks to Tiina Jńrvinen:)



New photos of the puppies! Look at their individual pages for photos:) Males and females available. (2+2)


pE Belg Youth CH Romanian CH Eternity┤s Kwando and pE Romanian CH Eternity┤s Jerome both have passed Herding Instinct test with Highest possible score:)!




Lots of new photos of LP I SUCH Eternity┤s Heyday. Today he also passed the mentaltest on 340 p and since he has the exteriordescription before he gained the title KORAD:). HUGE congratulations to Claes & Marita!

N litters pages and photos are up. We have males & females available:)

Tervuerenpuppies are expected, we are quite sure Diwa is having puppies:)!



N litter have individual pages. New photos of them all at 2 weeks of age. Both males and females available:)

LP I Eternity┤s Herah BEST AGILITYDOG belgian shepherds in Denmark 2016!

LP I LP II Eternity┤s Halo has won a Obediance competition in Denmark:).

Austr CH Eternity┤s Shakira won BIS Neuter in Show at the BSDCNSW Sydney Specialty at 12 years of age:)! New photo of her.

Eternity┤t Merlot aka "Milton" has become BOB x 2 and BIG 2.

Vici┤s son and Lysahs brother CH Luca de Bruine Buck became BOB with CAC, CACIB and Benelux CH.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL, we are so proud of you:)!!!!

New photo of Eternity┤s Jagger, Eternity┤s Louky.




New photos of Eternity┤s Karma and INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Eternity┤s Calvin.

The M-litter now has individual pages:) Photos of Moon and Maleficent will come...

Eternity┤s Merlot has been to his first show. He was Best of Breed puppy:)!!! Congratulations to Torbj÷rn & Margareta.

Eternity┤s Jagger has been to show in US, he was Best Male:)



Groenendaelpuppies born, 5 males and 6 females. All pups are black:) Inquiries welcome.

SW JW-12 Eternity┤s Diwa is mated by the lovely Belg CH SR Grimmendans Nayko. Puppies hopefully expected in november:)! Take a look at puppyplans!


Results from 6 shows in Targu Mures, Romania:

pE Belg Youth CH Eternity's Kwando 6 x CAC and 2 RCACIB, Romanian Champion
pE Eternity's Jerome 6 x CAC and 2 CACIB, selected crufts 2017, Romanian Champion

HUGE congratulations to Patrick De Houwer & Peggy



Jerome was also participating in the openingceremony of European Brussel shows. Here are the video from the Grand opening:)



RL DN Eternity┤s Busa has competed in Rallyobediance class advanced. She was placed 2nd. Congratulations Annika:)!


New photos of Eternity┤s Grimm JR.

New photos of Eternity┤s Kwando, Eternity┤s Calvin, Eternity┤s Grimoire, Eternity┤s Loke, Eternity┤s Legacy, Eternity┤s Jaras,

Historypage is updated:)




I am really sorry, but haven┤t had time to update website for long. I┤ll try to be better;). I might have missed a few things, so i I have, please let me know:)!


Our results from European Dog show 2016-08-26:

Eternity┤s Kwando 1 Exc Intermediate class.

Eternity┤s Jerome 1 Exc Open class. Jerome was also one of the dogs who participated in the openingceremony at the show:)


Our results National de┤l Elevage in France:

Judge Mme Heraly for groenendaelmales and Mr Juif for tervuerenfemale:

INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Eternity┤s Calvin 1 Exc Championmales, Best male, BOB, BOB Champion, BIS Champion and BEST IN SHOW!!! Calvin was passed the CSAU and TAN with Exc, was selected in mainring and got the title SR.

Eternity┤s Jerome 7th Exc in Open class.

Eternity┤s Kwando 4th Exc in Intermediate class, CSAU and TAN Championat with Exc.

Calvin, Jerome and Kwando participated in lot de┤l Elevage, breedersgroup. Eternity┤s was selected BEST BREEDERSGROUP GROENENDAEL and was also BIS 2 breedersgroup!

Eternity┤s Grimoire Exc in open class, CSAU and TAN test Exc. (judge Mr Juif)

A HUGE congratulations to Patrick de Houwer, Susanne Kjaerstedt, Helge och Karolin for these lovely results! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for bringing your dogs so far and for participating at NE:)

 I also want to send a SPECIAL THANKS to all the photografers who have taken photos of Calvin and our breedersgroup (I was to busy and to nervous:)!


Our results from Major Swedish Specialty 2016-08-06:

Groenendael, judge Dirk Spruyt:

Eternity┤s Legacy 2nd EXC with CK in Juniorclass

Eternity┤s Liberty VG

SUCH LP Eternity┤s Heyday 1st Exc workingclass, CK, BEST MALE, BOS and BIS 4 workingdog

Eternity's Lyrah 2nd Exc with CK juniorklass 

SW JW 2013 & 2014 Eternity's Juby 2nd Exc CK & 4th best Female 
2 nd best breedersgroup

Tervueren, judge Myriam Vermeire:

Eternity's Grimoire 3rd Exc CK openclass


Results from Danish Specialty 2016-08-07, judge Pauline Stern Hanf:

Eternity┤s Louky 1st Exc, BOB junior, BIS 3 junior, 3rd BEST MALE with CAC!!!

Vici┤s daughter Iikka-Likka Oasis Pearl was 1st Exc with CK in juniorclass

At the Danish Championships for Belgians in Agility Eternity┤s Herah was placed 2nd!


Results from Swedish Specialty at IVÍ in May:

INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Eternity┤s Calvin 1 Exc Championmales, Best male, BOB & BIS 2


Other news:

Puppyplans are updated!!! Two very interesting planned combinations:)

Eternity┤s Jade has passed the BHP test.

Eternity┤s Jerome and Eternity┤s Kwando both passed the charactertest in Holland in May, Social + and were also both selected breedingdogs, pE.

pE Belg YouthCH Eternity┤s Kwando has been tested homzygot black.

pE Eternity┤s Jerome has been tested heterozygot black.

Eternity┤s Jarah is now UKC CH and has gained Major to AKC CH.

Eternity┤s Spexa has passed away. We will forever miss her<3!!!

New photos of:

Eternity┤s Lynx, Eternity┤s Lyrah, Eternity┤s Liberty, Eternity┤s Grimoire, Eternity┤s Kwando, Eternity┤s Legacy, Eternity┤s Liberty, Eternity┤s Heyday, Eternity┤s Herah, Eternity┤s Calvin, Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s AmazeEternity┤s Kyrah




Long time no see...Sorry for that:)

We do have new PUPPYPLANS:) and are hopefully expecting puppies!  Take a look!!!

New photos of Eternity┤s  Lupah, Eternity┤s Karma, Eternity┤s Lynx, Eternity┤s Grimm JR, Eternity┤s Jagger.




We are really sorry for all the NO-UPDATES on our website!

December has been a terrible time for us. Our Diwa got tetanus (stelkramp) from a tiny tiny little scratch. The chance for that is like 1 in a million. Pure unluck, and nothing else. We thought we were going to loose her and we┤ve spent all our time to get her back in health. The chance for her survival was very small, but now she┤s getting better every day and now we know she will make it!!! THANKS to all of you who have sent us your thoughts, prayers and love!!!!

Due to this, Diwa will not be mated now...she has to recover in calm and peace:). Instead we will mate the lovely RL DN Eternity┤s Busa. More info later!


We do have 1 femalepuppy from last litter AVAILABLE, Eternity┤s Lupah, for more info, take a look at PUPPYPLANS!





















































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