New photos of the puppies, individual pages:) 3 males and 1 (perhaps 2) female available.

New photos of LP I Eternity┤s Heyday, Eternity┤s Jagger, Eternity┤s Juby.




Groenendaelpuppies are born! Males and perhaps female available:)

New photos of Eternity┤s Grimm JR


Norwegian Specialty Lillestr÷m, judge Bente Harlem:

BISS N DK CH KBHV'14 CIE Eternity's Calvin was BOS.

National Show in Norway:

BISS N DK CH KBHV'14 CIE Eternity's Calvin was BOB and BIG 4


Eternity┤s results at NE in France:

Eternity┤s Euphoria: passed CSAU and TAN with Exc and got Exc in open class.

Eternity┤s Jerome (Int CH Germ CH VDH CH 2009 Dutch CH Belgian CH Lux CH Monaco CH Grimmendans Fourlan & SR NORDJW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck) ) did ot only pass CSAU and TAN. He was tested with EXC + at the Test de Championat, only 1,5 year old:)!!! He also won his class intermediate and was Best Youngdog.


Results from Major Swedish Specialty:

Eternity┤s Jaras: 1 Exc CK, BOB Junior, 2nd best male and BIS 2 Junior

Eternity┤s Heyday: 1 Exc CK, CAC in workingclass, 4th best male

NUCH SR Eternity┤s Vici: 1 Exc CK Veteranclass, BOS Veteran and 3rd best male

Eternity┤s Karma: 1 VG in Juniorclass

Eternity┤s Juby: 1Exc CK Youngclass and BIS 2 Youngdog

Eternity┤s Grimm  JR: 1 Exc CK Openclass, 4 th best male

Eternity┤s Varjas: 1 Exc CK veteranclass, 2nd best male, BIS 4 Veteran





New puppieplans!!! SR NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck has been mate by the lovely DKCH NUCH Breakpoint┤s Rubin of Coke

SW JW-12 Eternity┤s Diwa has been x-rayed with A/B hips and free elbows.

Eternity┤s Amaze of Tervanty Sh CM was Best NSC and Pastoral Group One 2015-07-18 in UK.

LP Eternity┤s Heyday was Best male with CAC in workingclass. Only 2 more to go before he will be Swedish Champion:) New photos of him!

Eternity┤s Kwando Best Juniormale at Lokerse Winner in Belgium, judge Sonny Str÷m.

Eternity┤s Jerome Best Intermediate male and 3rd best male at Lokerse Winner in Belgium, judge Sonny Str÷m.

Eternity┤s Zafira 2nd best female 2015-07-12.

INT CH DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014  Eternity┤s Calvin BOB and BIG 4 with CACIB at NKK Show 2015-07-05.

NUCH Eternity┤s Dara has competed in Rallyobediance with great results and are now RL I.

Eternity┤s Herah has competed in agility: At belgian meeting in Silkeborg she won class I and became DANISH MASTER of Belgians! She has also competed in agility the last week and got 3 stick. She has also competed in obediance and is not titled LP I.

Eternity┤s Busa has competed in Rallyobediance and has not the title RL DN.

New photo photo of  Eternity┤s Grimm JR and Eternity┤s Juby.




Lysah will be mated as soon as she comes in heat in June!

New photos of Eternity┤s Djinn, Eternity┤s Jerome, Eternity┤s Kwando, Eternity┤s Gitane, Eternity┤s Jarah, Eternity┤s Karma

Lots of results:

Eternity┤s Calvin was 1st in CH class, Best male with CAC and CACIB and BOS in Helsinki. He can now call himself also Int CH! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! New photos of Eternity┤s Calvin too.

Eternity┤s Heyday has competed in tracking class II, got enough points to now compete in class III and is also able to compete for CAC at show in Sweden.

Eternity┤s Kwando was Best male puppy at the DKBS Specialty in Germany 2015.

Eternity┤s Jerome was 1st in youthclass at the DKBS Specialty in Germany 2015.

NUCH Eternity┤s Dara has passed the mentaltest in Norway, Funktionsanalyse.

Eternity┤s Jarah was 2nd in bitches 12-18 months at the specialty in USA, BSCA.

Int CH NUCH DKUCH Eternity┤s Calvin was BOB with CACIB in Denmark DKK Vejen in June.





Eternity┤s Qarismah has passed away due to a stroke. We will miss you for eternity.....

Eternity┤s Karma┤s owner has decide to keep her so she┤s no longer looking for a new home. Karma has been to her first show and was BOB and BIS 2 puppy. Huge congratulations!!!

Vici┤s daughter Remiel de la Terre Sauvage was BOB and BIS at Slovakian Specialty.  HUGE congratulations to owner/breeder Agnes:)!!!

Sh CM  Eternity┤s Amaze of Tervanty won Best Pastoral NSC and Pastoral Group 1. HUGE congratulations Liz!!!

NORWCH Eternity┤s Dara was 2nd best female at an International Kennelclub Show in Norway. Huge congratulations!

Eternity┤s Busa has competed in Rallyobediance and got 91 p out of 100. She also competed in tracking class 2, got 158 p and a 2nd price.


Our results from AfBV Regional Specialty at IVÍ 2015: (139 entries)

Groenendael, judge Babs Robinson:

NORWCH DKCH KBHVW-14 BIS x 3 Eternity┤s Calvin: BOB Champion, BIS Champion, BOB and BEST IN SHOW!  Lots of new photos of  him as well:)

SR NORDJW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck: 4th Exc with CK in open class.

Tervueren, judge Kim Brown: (70 entries)

Eternity┤s Grimm JR: 4th exc with CK in open class

Eternity┤s Grimoire: 4th exc out of 20, with CK. New photos of Grimoire.





Eternity┤s Jade needs a new home!


Results from Swedish Winner Show 2015:

SR NUCH Eternity┤s Vici 1 Exc in Veteranclass, CK, 4th best male and Swedish Veteran Winner 2015.

SWE JW-14 Eternity┤s Juby 1st Exc Juniorclass, CK, 4th best female and Swedish Junior Winner 2015.

SWE JW-12 Eternity┤s Diwa 2nd in Open class, CK and 3rd best female.

NUCH Eternity┤s Calvin 1st in Championclass and 3rd best male.


New photos of Eternity┤s Grimoire and Eternity┤s Grimm Jr.


Eternity┤s Heyday has competed in obediance class I, received 187,5 points, a first price and the title LP:)!




Eternity┤s Karma needs a new home!


New photos of Eternity┤s Grimoire, Eternity┤s Grimm, SW JW-14 Eternity┤s Juby, Eternity┤s Jaras

Also photos of SR NOCH Eternity┤s Vici┤s Offsrings Kvinas Leaning on the Moon, Groenoir Ashen-Roy and Ayers-Rock.


Eternity┤s Imagine did great againg, Best opposite of Sweeps:) Huge congratulations!!!



Lots of updates!!!


Eternity┤s Kwando, Kyrah and Karma has got their own pages!


Puppyplans are updated. Some interesting plans 2015, but males not yet announced;).


Eternity┤s Juby got 1st Exc in Juniorclass, Championquality, Swedish Junior winner title 2014, CRUFT qualified and was placed 2nd best female only 9 months old at SKK HUND 2014.


Eternity┤s Heyday has competed in tracking for the first time. They won the competition, only 17 months old and got 280 points in 1st class (apellklass) and got high scores in the obediance part (9,5 and 10). Now they are allowed to compete in second class. He has also competed in Obediance class I, got 176 points and was placed on divided first place!  Huge congratulations to Marita & Claes!!!


Eternity┤s Damon was entered at the Danish specialty (not in coat) and got Exc, CK and was placed 3rd best male.


HIC HT Eternity┤s Djinn can now title himself American CHAMPION after 2 Winners Dog and 2 Best of Winners! Huge congratulations to Bab & Kim!!!


DK CH NO CH BISS Copenhagen Winner 2014 Eternity┤s Calvin BEST GROENENDAEL and BELGIAN SHEPHERD OF THE YEAR 2014 in Norway:)!!!


New photos of Eternity┤s Jarah, SWE JW-14 Eternity┤s Juby, Eternity┤s Grimm,


Vici┤s son Ayers Rock Groenoir in Czech has made some success again:) He has achieved BOB, CACA and CACIB at show and also competed in IPO and passed another exam, IPO-VO, in total 275 points.


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