New photos of Eternity´s Juby, Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Diwa, Eternity´s Grimm Jr,




New photos of Eternity´s Grimoire.

One new photo of Eternity´s Amaze.

HIC Eternity´s Djinn was WD/BOW for a 5 point Major is USA this weekend. Congratulations to Bab & Kim:)!




Eskilstuna Workingdog Club 2014-09-20:

Tilde entered "Child with Dog" (juniorhandling for small children) with the borrowed dog Workaholic Kayla. Tilde did a fantastic job and became BEST IN SHOW Child with Dog! Huge congratulations to Tilde:)!!!


Copenhagen WINNER 2014:



Norwegian Specialty 2014:

NO CH DK CH Eternity´s Calvin BOB and BEST IN SHOW on saturday!

Calvin was BOS on sunday.

Vici son from kennel Kvina were BOB puppy both days:)!


BHCN Specialty 2014:

Dutch CH Luca de Bruine Buck BEST MALE. New photo from Luca.


Norway 2014-09-15:

Eternity´s Xoran has competed in working class B and got approved.


National D´Elevage 2014:

Liam de Bruine Buck, son of Lima de Bruine Buck and grandson to Vici was Best Herding dog overall after doing the CANT! Huge congratulations! 


New photos of Eternity´s Djinn, Eternity´s Juby.




New photos from Eternity´s Destiny. She has also been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

New photos of Eternity´s Griffin, SWE CH Eternity´s Yrah, Eternity´s Grimm JR, Eternity´s Cristall, SR NO CH Eternity´s Vici, Eternity´s Diwa, Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Juby.



Great news from Belgium! Vicí´s grandkids were placed 1 VP puppy (Liam de Bruine Buck, from Lima) and 2 VP puppy (Eternity´s Jerome, from Lysah) at Jonge Honde and Veteran day in Belgium 2014. Huge congratulations to the owners:)!

Eternity´s Xoran has been approved for 2 more years working as a rescuedog in Norway:). Huge Congratulations to Else and Xoran!

Eternity´s Amaze of tervanty Sh CM was Reserve best male at Bournemouth Ch show last weekend. Congratulations Liz!




Swedish Major Specialty 2014-08-02:

Groenendael (Amanda Mc Laren):

Eternity´s Juby:  BOB puppy and BIS 2 puppy

Eternity´s Heyday: Very good in youngclass

NO CH SR Eternity´s Vici: 1st Exc Championclass, CK, best championmale and 2nd best male

Eternity´s Cristall: 2nd  Exc in openclass, CK, 3rd best female

SWE CH Eternity´s Yrah: 3rd Exc, CK,  in Championclassg


Tervueren (Trevor Wheeler):

Eternity´s Grimm JR: 1st Exc in Youngclass, CK, BOB youngdog and BIS 2 youngdog!

Eternity´s Varjas: 1st Exc in Veteranclass, CK, 3rd best male and BOS veteran.

SW JW-12 Eternity´s Diwa: 2nd Exc in openclass, CK  and 2nd best female.


Results from UK:

Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty was Best NSC and Group 1 and was BEST IN SHOW at Minehead and District CS Open show, with over 600 entries. He can now title himself Sh CM.

He also 2014-08-06 won his 7th 1st place and 4th Pastoral Group 1 and was also Best in Show 2nd:)


Results from Australia:

CH AD JD Eternity´s Shakira has won 2nd Neuter in Group and Show.


New photos on Eternity´s Juby, Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty, Eternity´s Heyday, Eternity´s Jarah, Eternity´s Echo, Eternity´s Euphoria, Eternity´s Qhaos, Eternity´s Grimoire.





NUCH DKUCH Eternity´s Calvin BOB, BOB Champion, BIS Champion and BEST IN SHOW at the AfBV Specialty on IVÖ Island in May! Lots of new photos from Calvin:)


New photos from Eternity´s Euphoria, Eternity´s Echo, Eternity´s Juby, Eternity´s Jazz, Eternity´s Gitane, Eternity´s Griffin, Eternity´s Ingo,  Eternity´s Imagine, Eternity´s Raven, Eternity´s Jagger, Eternity´s Djinn, Eternity´s Jerome, Eternity´s Grimm JR,


New photos of Vici´s children at kennel KVINA!

New photos also of Vici´s daughter Carla Comme un Reve Noir.


Eternity´s Heyday has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

New puppyplans!



New photos of the puppies, 7,5 weeks old. Most of the pups have now left to their new owners:).

New photos of SR NUCH Eternity´s Vici. Vici has also entered to the Slovakian Specialty, was 1 Exc Champion, 2nd best male and got CAC. Judge was Pietro Bottagisio, kennel Luavjans.

New photos of Vici´s offsprings Carlos, Cartouch and Carmen Comme un Reve Noir.

Vici has also mated the gorgeus Voila de Terre Sauvage, puppies hopefully expected at kennel Terre Sauvage in Hungary!

Vici is also proud father again since the lovely Bergerau Painted Lady (T) has given birth to 3 boys and 2 girls at kennel Kvina in Norway! All pups are black, so this means Vici is  probably homozygote black! Huge congratulations to Alyn!!!


Fantastic news from USA:

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Kingsley and Eternity´s Imagine who was RESERVE  WINNERS DOG at the ABTC National Specialty in USA, only 7 months old!!!

His halfbrother Eternity´s Djinn has got his first herdingtitle, HT! Huge congratulations Bab Hanna!!!

New photo of his brother Eternity´s Ingo.




New photos of all the J-puppies at almost 6 weeks of age. We might have male available!

New photos of Eternity´s Grimm JR.

Eternity´s Halo and Eternity´s Herah has both passed the Mentaldescription in  Denmark and are both secure of gunshots.

New photo of Vici´s daughter Flisdaelen´s Holy and also of his children Carla and Cartouch Comme un Reve Noir in Hungary.




Lots of new puppypics of our J-litter! We might have puppies available. Take a look on their individual pages:).

New photos of Eternity´s History, Eternity´s Halo, Eternity´s Herah, Eternity´s Diwa.



Lots of new pics of Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Else and Eternity´s Xoran who has passed the class level B in becoming a rescuedog!!!

New photos of the J-puppies on their individual pages. We might have puppies available:)



New photos of Eternity´s Imagine, Eternity´s Halo and Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Liz and Eternity´s Amaze at Tervanty who this weekend gained BOB, BEST IN GROUP 1 Pastoral at Bridgewaters and Dist Premier Open Show. We´re sooo proud of you!

Est JCH Eternity´s Echo has been x-rayed with A hips, free elbows and also have done beartest with result ok!




PHOTOS OF THE PUPPIES on their individual pages, J litter!


New photos of Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty, Eternity´s Imagine, Eternity´s Gitane, Grimmendans Camlots daughter Nizhoni´s In a Heartbeat "Perla", Eternity´s Dara and European Junior Winner 2013 Switz Junior Champion Eternity´s Elijah. Elijah has also been x-rayed with A hips.



New photo of Eternity´s Ingo.

PUPPIES ARE BORN! Fourland and Lysah got 9 groenendaelpuppies today, 5 males and 4 females!



NOCH SR Eternity´s Vici is now grandfather since our lovely Lysahs sister Lima has given birth to 10 puppies at kennel de Bruine Buck in Holland. Huge congratulations to Tom & Renée!

New photos of Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s History, Eternity´s Diwa, Eternity´s Euphoria, Eternity´s Amaze and Vici.





New photo of Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty.

DKCH DKSPCH DKAGCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity´s Saga is AGILITY DOG OF THE YEAR for the 4th year in Denmark! WHOHOOOOO!!!! Also a new photo of her!



NUCH Eternity´s Calvin became DANISH CHAMPION today with taking CAC and BOB! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

Lysah is definitly pregnant:) She is growing!!!



HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty who was BEST PASTORAL GROUP WINNER at an open show!



Last weekend EST JCH Eternity´s Echo was BOB with CAC and CACIB at Winter dog show in Turkuu, Finland. Huge congratulations!!!

Eternity´s Dara BOB today in Norway! Huge congratulations to her owners:)!!!

New photos of Eternity´s History and Eternity´s Iago. Iago is still looking for his forever home!



New photos of NOCH Eternity´s Calvin. Vici has mated Dame Brune de Brunalines, puppies hopefully expected in Finland at kennel Ikka-Likka.



SR NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck has been mated by the lovely Int CH Germ CH VDH CH 2009 Dutch CH Belgian CH Lux CH Monaco CH Grimmendans Fourlan! Puppies hopefully expected in March. For more info, take a look at Puppyplans!

New photos of Eternity´s Heyday.

New photos of Vici´s puppies at kennel Comme un Reve Noir. They still have one lovely male and female available! Also, new plans for Vici!



New photo of Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Grimm JR, Eternity´s History, EST J CH Eternity´s Echo. Also new photos of Eternity´s Iago, still available for an active home!

Happy birthday to our wonderful S litter: Spirit, Spirou, Safir, Shakira, Saga, Spexa, Suki and Shana!!!





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