New photos of Eternity´s Iago, still available for an active home!

Eternity´s Herah, BOB puppy at the Danish Specialty last weekend! Her brother Halo was BOS! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!



New photos of the puppies. Eternity´s Iago is still available!

Eternity´s Echo can now title himself Estonian Junior Champion! Huge congratulations to Annika!

New photos of SW-08 KORAD KBHV winner 2011 DKUCH  Eternity´s Raven.

New plans for Vici at kennel Terre Sauvage spring/summer 2014.



Vici is now proud father to 6 lovely puppies in Hungary! Tosca Comme un Reve Noir has given birth to 3 males and 3 females.

New photos of the I-litter, Eternity´s Imagine, Eternity´s Ingo and Eternity´s Iago. Two last males available:)!!!

Puppyplans in Norway at kennel Kvina from SR NO CH Eternity´s Vici 2014!



New photo of CH Luca de Bruine Buck, Eternity´s History, Eternity´s Cristall, and Eternity´s Griffin.

New photos of the puppies Eternity´s Iago, Eternity´s Imagine and Eternity´s Ingo.



Eternity´s Amaze of Tervanty has been x-rayed with free hips (4:4) in UK. New photo as well.

New photos of Eternity´s Halo.



Finally, photos of the puppies! We have 3 wonderful malepuppies available for active homes! Take a look at puppyplans!

New photos of Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s History, Eternity´s Heaven, SR NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck



Vegas puppies born. If you are interested, give us a mail!

New photos of Eternity´s Gitane, SR NO CH Eternity´s Vici, SW JW-12 Eternity´s Diwa, Eternity´s History, Eternity´s Halo, Eternity´s Heyday.


Eternity´s Dara has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

New plans for SR NO CH Eternity´s Vici!



New photos of SR NO CH Eternity´s Vici, Eternity´s Amaze, SR NORDJW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck.



Lots of news again!!!

SR NO CH Eternity´s Vici has mated the beautiful T.s. HSCH HJch Tosca Comme un Reve Noir in Liége, Belgium. Puppies hopefully expected at kennel Comme un Reve Noir!


Results from NKK Bjerke 2013-08-25:

Eternity´s Elijah was 2nd best male with CK.

Eternity´s Dara was 3rd best youngfemale.


Results from Geneve 2013-08-29--2013-08-30:

International Show 2013-08-29, judge breedspecialist Norman Deschymere:

Eternity´s Elijah 1st Excellent in Juniorclass with Junior CAC.

Eternity´s Dara 3rd Best female with CAC.


European Winner 2013-08-30, judge Jörgen Hindse.

Eternity´s Elijah 1st Excellent in Juniorclass, European Junior Winner 2013 and Junior CAC!!!

Eternity´s Dara 2nd Best female with CAC and res CACIB.



Results from National de´l Elevage in Aubigny-sur-Nére:

Friday 2013-08-30:

 NO CH Eternity´s Vici passed the french charactertests CSAU (social/obediance) and TAN (shooting) with result Excellent.

Also NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck passed the french charactertests CSAU (social/obediance) and TAN (shooting) with result Excellent!

Saturday 2013-08-31

NO CH Eternity´s Vici was 5th Excellent in a strong Championclass. Judge was Denis Descamps.

NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck was 6th Excellent in a HUGE openclass bitches (54 entries)!!!. Judges were Brice Roise and Mme Bidault.

Jugendsieger 2013 Eternity´s Dior Excellent in Youngclass.

Sunday 2013-09-01

Both Vici and Lysah were selected by the French club and got the title Sujet Recommandé, SR!!!


New photos of Eternity´s Dara, Eternity´s Griffin, NO CH SR Eternity´s Vici, NORD JW-11 SR Lysah de Bruine Buck, Europa JW-13 Eternity´s Elijah, Eternity´s Grimm Jr and Eternity´s Grimoire.




New photos of Vici and Lysah, thanks to Carro "Callencos" Appelfeldt!

Also new photo of Eternity´s Herah, BOB and BIS 2 baby at Danish specialty x 3.

BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity´s Saga.

"Sina" competed at the Danish Belgian Chanpionships. She became the best agilitydog on Saturday and sunday she won the District Championship in rallyobedience. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Susse!!!


Results from SBU, Swedish major specialty:

Groenendael, judge Meike Krug:

NO UCH Eternity´s Vici: 1st Exc Championclass, CK, Best male, BOS and BOB & BIS 4 Champion

NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck: 3 Exc, CK in open class. 4th best female

Eternity´s Zafira: VG


Tervueren, judge Cath Bond:

Eternity´s Grimm Jr: 1st in puppyclass 4-6 months, HP and Best male puppy and BOS puppy.

Eternity´s Grimoire: 3rd beste female puppy with HP.

Eternity´s Varjas: Exc


Results from Danish Specialty, judges Paul and Jean Lawless:


Eternity´s Damon: 1 exc and BEST JUNIOR MALE.

NO UCH Eternity´s Calvin: 4th best male

Eternity´s Herah: Best groenendaelpuppy, BOB and BIS 2


Eternity´s Damon: 2nd exc

NO UCH Eternity´s Calvin: Exc


New photos of:

Eternity´s Dara, Eternity´s Damon, Eternity´s Elijah training,






Sorry, we haven´t had time to update website for a while, but now there are lots of updates!

New puppyplans!!!

New photos of :

NO CH Eternity´s Vici,  Eternity´s Varjas, Eternity´s Caspian, KORAD Eternity´s Qhyrac, SWE CH Eternity´s Yrah, Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Grimm Jr, Eternity´s Griffin, Eternity´s Cristall,

NO CH Eternity´s Calvin, Eternity´s Diwa, Eternity´s Dior,  Eternity´s Heyday, Eternity´s Halo, Eternity´s History, Eternity´s Heaven and Eternity´s Herah, Eternity´s Erah, Eternity´s Euphoria,

Lysah de Bruine Buck, Eternity´s Dior, Eternity´s Qhaos, Eternity´s Echo, Eternity´s Elijah, Eternity´s Eden .

Also new photos of Vici´s offspring  and Varjas offspring, health and showresults.



Eternity´s Dior was entered at the German Specialty, was 1st Exc in juniorclass and got the title Jugendsieger 2013.

Eternity´s Cevin was entered at a National show in Italy and was BOB with CAC.

Eternity´s Calvin was 2nd best male at the Norwegian specialty, took CAC and got the title NO CH.


Swedish Specialty in Stockholm in June, judge Mr Griol:

NO CH Eternity´s Vici: Best male and BOS.

SW JW-12 Eternity´s Diwa: Best female and BOS.

NORD JW 11 Lysah de Bruine Buck: Exc and CQ.



Eternity´s Cevin has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

 NO CH Eternity´s Calvin has been x-rayed with B hips and free elbows.

Unfortunaly Eternity´s Caspian has been x-rayed with B/C hips and free elbows. Caspian is therefor looking for a new home! For more info, please contace Siv Trolin at Segerforsens.



New photos of Eternity´s Amaze and Eternity´s Griffin.

Eternity´s Dara has passed the Norwegian charactertest and is secure for gunshots.



New photos of Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Grimm Jr, Eternity´s Damon, NO W-08 Eternity´s Vega and Eternity´s Dior.

New photos on our H-litter born in March. Take a look at their individual pages! One female is available and we are also looking for an active host/co-owner for a femalepuppy!



New photos of Eternity´s Gitane, Eternity´s Grimm Jr, Eternity´s Grimoire, NO JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck, SW JW-12 Eternity´s Diwa, NO CH Eternity´s Vici and Eternity´s Cristall.

Eternity´s Dior was entered at CFCBB Regional Specialty in Provins. She got CSAU, TAN and CANT with result exellent on all;)! She also was 2nd Exc in juniorclass for Dr Schaffner. Huge congratulations to Nathalie Pinard and Saga. New photos of her!!!

Her cousin Junior Dutch Ch Junior World Winner 2011 Luca (Knut) de Bruine Buck got Exc 2 RCAC/RCACIB in open class groenendaelmales in Holland last weekend. With this result he is know Dutch Champion! Huge congratulations to the owners & breeders!!!

Eternity´s Echo has been entered to his first show and became BOB puppy!

Eternity´s Calvin has free elbows.

Vici´s daughter Flisdaelens Havanna has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.

New photos of Vici´s kids at kennel Groenoir.

Camlots daughter Nizhonis In a Heartbeat has A hips and free elbows.



Eternity´s Griffin has moved to his new owners, Paula & Firmin Aertgeerts, kennel Grimmendans in Belgium.

Eternity´s Gitane has moved to her new owner Iselin Wang, kennel Nizhoni´s in Norway.



New photos of Eternity´s Gitane, Eternity´s Griffin, Eternity´s Grimm Jr, Eternity´s Grimoire, NORD JW-11 Lysah de Bruine Buck, Eternity´s Cristall.

Eternity´s Calvin has been x-rayed with result B on hips. Still waiting for results on elbows.



New photos of our Grimm x Vega pups! The names are decided too;), Eternity´s Griffin, Eternity´s Grimm Jr, Eternity´s Gitane and Eternity´s Grimoire.

SWE CH Eternity´s Yrah has given birth to 5 puppies, 2 males & 3 females. Father is the gorgeus SR FR CH DUTCH CH Bentley de Bruine Buck. Take a look at Puppyplans!

New photos of Eternity´s Calvin and Eternity´s Euphoria.



New photo of Eternity´s Amaze, Eternity´s Elijah, NORD JW -11 Lysah de Bruine Buck.

New photo of Eternity´s Varjas daughter Segerforsens Just Watch Me.

New photos of our Grimm x Vega puppies;)!

HUGE congratulations to Tom & Renée at kennel de Bruine Buck and their Vici-daughter SR Dutch JR CH Lima de Bruine Buck who took CACIB this weekend at her first show after 27 months and is now also DUTCH CH!!!

Also, HUGE congratulations to Linda & Lina Glambeck with Bazzakulls Carribean Dream who got CACIB and BOB today at SKKs International Show in Malmö!




New photos of Eternity´s Amaze. A HUGE thanks to Eli Andrea<3!!!

New photos of our Grimm & Vega pups, take a look on their individual pages!

New photos of Eternity´s Varjas, his offsprings and Eternity´s Diwa.

Eternity´s Dior has been x-rayed with A hips.

Eternity´s Drama has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows. Drama has also passed the mentaldescription with result 1 in shooting;)!

Also, Yrah seems to be pregnant...Groenendaelpuppies with lots of drive & beautiful exterior is expected;)!



New photos of Vici´s children at kennel Spader Ess.

New photos of some of Varjas children at kennel Segerforsens and kennel Workaholic.

Eternity´s Dior has been x rayed with A hips.



New photos of the Grimm & Vega puppies, photos from both 3 & 4 weeks of age!




New photos of Red Goblins La Madonna and of our G puppies from Grimm van de Hoge Laer & Eternity´s Vega (take a look under our litters and their indivdual pages).

Also new photo of Nadjarahs Iron Cash (son of Vici).


DKCH DKSPCH DKAGCH DKLPCH FP BPB BPAB LP I LP II LP III SL1 Eternity´s Saga & her owner Susse Strandby in Denmark HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! For the 4th year they were placed in top 2 during 2012 and for the 3rd year in a row they were winner of the Danish ...Agility Link competition (and beated all the border collies). Saga has performed 15 flawless races out of 16 possiblethe last 4 years in that high competition;)! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!


Our dreamlitter, Grimm van de Hoge Laer x Eternity´s Vega was born last friday! Mother & babies are doing just fine! No pups are available from this litter.

New photos of Eternity´s Elijah and Eternity´s Djinn.



New photos of Eternity´s Cevin (Italy) and Eternity´s Echo.

Eternity´s Elijah was BOB puppy at Exporama in Norway this weekend! Congratulations!!!



New photos of Eternity´s Diwa.



Yrah is mated, groenendaelpuppies hopefully born in end of march!

We´ve lost our dear cat Mischa. We will miss you!!!



SWE CH Eternity´s Yrah is finally in heat! Take a look at Puppyplans!

HAPPY to read:

In last Le Berger Belge Eternity´s Dior is mentioned at page 2, in Marie-France Varlets summing of Championat de France. She writes that she was judging a puppy with really good qualities, who was followed up in the Honnor ring and was finally Best in Group 1. (She was also BIS). Varlet also wrote that this is a young female who will develop.

Dior´s critique is on page 14:
Scissorbite. Beautiful female, presented in good condition, this little female is well constructed, with correct bones for hight and age. The head is expressive with dark eyes, the ears are medium sized and well carried. Puppy to follow.

Eternity´s Varjas has become proud father in Finland! Proud mother is FI W-10,EE JW-10, EE J Ch, BH Iiik the Red Dragon at kennel Workaholic! CONGRATULATIONS Annika!



Fantastic news!!!

After years of hoping & waiting, our dreams are coming true!!! Vega is expecting puppies with the "one and only" Grimm van de Hoge Laer and we are forever deaply thankful to Firmin Paula Aergeerts!!!



Father to our upcoming groenendael litter S.R Dutch CH Bentley de Bruine Buck took CAC in Bordeaux today and is now French Champion!!! HUGE congratulations to breeder & owner!

New photos of Eternity´s Diwa, Eternity´s Dior, Eternity´s Cristall.



New photos of NO UCH Eternity´s Vicis offspring at kennel Groenoir, Czech Republic.

New photos of Eternity´s Damon  , Eternity´s Elijah, Eternity´s Eden, and Eternity´s Dara.

























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