Eternity´s Yaga

Female, born: 2008.10.10

(WW-08 SW-08 Emmabourne Moonshadow x Eternity´s Qarismah)

  Owner: Leif Eriksen, kennel Siwieto.

Health: Complete Scissor Bite, Hips/Elbows:

Results: BOB puppy and BIS 2 puppy at Norwegian Specialty for Benoit Thevenon. Unofficial IPO test with very good results. CAC at show.

MH description with result 1 in shooting.

WW-08 SW-08 Emmabourne Moonshadow FRCH
Rival De La Fureur Du Crepuscule
If du Crepuscule des Loups
Newty De La Fureur Du Crepuscule
Emmabourne Bright Spark
Jason de la Douce Plaine
Emmabourne Omen
Eternitys Qarismah KORAD IntCh NordCh SwCh NwCh DkCh SW-96 SW-97 NordW-96 KBHW-99 R.A. Eternity´s Gilthanas A-te-Ells Monsieur Bacchus
Vaquitas Alice of Eternity
Korad NordW 99 SW01 NW00 Hexen House Eternityh Hexen House Ughor
Tchai van de Hoge Laer