pE Eternity´s Vogue

Female, born: 2006.07.17--2009.07

(F s.r. Int & Balt & Fin & S & Ltu & Lv & Est Ch LtuW-03 JK2 TK2
Valkohampaan Chef d´Oeuvre
x KORAD NordW-99 SW-01 NW-00 Hexen House Eternityh)

  Owner: Griet & Gert Kolthof, de la Maison Kyrel and Pauline Stern-Hanf Vandenbemden, van de Hoge Laer.

Health: Complete Scissor Bite, A/A hips.

Results: CSAU & TAN including shooting France. Passed charactertest in Holland with result Social +, selected p E.

2:nd Excellent in Youthclass at Deurne. CAC and CACIB in France for Mr Griol.

Critique from Mr Griol:

"Classical type, a beautiful perfect head, beautiful black coat, moving around the ring is flying over the ground. Everything is in harmonie what in this type of dog. Teeth are complete and scissor, perfect character and prestentation.


Valkohampaan Chef d´Oeuvre Valkohampaan Rintintin Valkohampaan Igaros
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Framboise du Sart des Bois
Hexen House Eternityh


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Millo van de Hoge Laer
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