(F s.r. Int & Balt & Fin & S & Ltu & Lv & Est Ch LtuW-03 JK2 TK2
Valkohampaan Chef d´Oeuvre
x KORAD NordW-99 SW-01 NW-00 Hexen House Eternityh)

Male born: July 17, 2006--2018-07-09

Owned by Börje Johansson (Karins brother).

Health:  HIPS/ELBOWS: HD-A/B (FCI), ED-A (0/0)
Complete Scissor Bite and seizure free.

Shows: CK (Championquality) and Best youngdog at Specialty. Excellent, CQ and 5th best openmale at IVÖ Specialty under Craig Fynmore 2011.

 Charactertest: MH descpription with result 1 in shooting.

Available for stud for suitable females, contact us if you are interested and we will forward you to his owner.

Varjas offspring.

My brother Börje is the reason why I share my life with belgians My brother always said...if Etty ever gets a tervmale it’s mine. I gave him my promise. I still remember the day he was born...waiting hoping litter after litter that she would give me a terv....and in her last litter with Piki she did. My other and oldest brother were celebrating his 50th birthday that day so Börje was on that party, but I stayed home with Etty whelping. Varjas was born and my first words were ”this one is for my brother”, and no words can express his happiness when I called him on the party to give him the news. Varjas was intentially going to be named Valkohammas but my brother wished something easier with meaning of Wolf, so Varjas it was. Varjas is no longer with us, and it happened so fast that I never got the chance to say goodbye....Rest In Peace Varjas, I Will love you till the end of times, for Eternity All my thoughts & prayers are with my brother




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