SWE CH SWE W-09 LP I KORAD Eternity´s Spirit

Male, born: 2005-01-01--2017-06-13

 (KORAD Belgerac Zaro x KORAD SW-01 NW-00 NordicW-99 Hexen House Eternityh)

  Owner: Karin Svensson, Gothenburg. Has his own website

Health: Complete Scissor Bite, Hips/Elbows: A/A and 0/0. Neutered.

Results: KORAD on 385 points, MH, Competes in searching class II (has won both searching and obediance competitions). BOS puppy at specialty. Several BOB:s and BIG placements, Swedish Winner 2009. Swedish Showchampion.

Belgerac Zaro

Breston van´t Bentsteetje

Falk vom Nauenhof

Ozo van´t Bentsteetje

Eternity´s Joy of Belgerac

Greco de la Grande Lande

Vaquitas Alice of Eternity
Hexen House Eternityh


Hexen House Ughor

Millo van de Hoge Laer

Hexen House Morganah

Tchai van de Hoge Laer

Horry de la Clairiere aux Louves

Kleo van de Hoge Laer


Karin Jesper Eternity Belgians foto.





Spirit with his halfsister The One...