Welcome to Eternity!


Welcome to Eternity Belgians. We live in the middle of Sweden, about 150 km from Stockholm. Jesper however comes from Gothenburg so we spend some time there as well. We live in an old house from the end of the 1800 centuary, together with our 3 children, Kevin, Eliah & Tilde and a couple of dogs and cats.

Jesper is judging Belgian Shepherd Dogs, and about 30 other different kinds of breeds, and travels around the world judging dogs. Earlier we both have been active in the Swedish breedclub as chairmans.

We have been breeding for 29 years as Jesper started as very young. Jesper got his first tervuerenmale when he was 13 years old! Karin got involved in the kennel 1998 but got her first own tervueren in 1993 and has had tervueren in the family since 1986. We breed Tervueren & Groenendael and we aim to breed Belgians, with respect of the breeds history and use, for work and true companionship and  of course typical for the breed standard.  Since we have children, stable dogs with good nerves who loves children are very important for us, and all puppies who leave our home are well socialized with children and many different kind of sounds and experiences.

Well, I guess that have given you some information about us. You find more under History. We hope that you will enjoy your stay here, and of course Welcome back again!

ETERNITY BELGIANS celebrates 30 years (1988-2018)!!!