Karin Jesper Eternitys foto. Karin Jesper Eternitys foto.

Revenge and Qalea are still available for the right homes!


ETERNITY BELGIANS 30 years (1988-2018)!!!



Results from Katrineholm Workingdog clubshow 19th of May, judge breedspecialist Sonny Ström:

Eternity´s Revenge 1st Exc HP, Best male puppy and Best of opposite sex. Revenge is STILL AVAILABLE FOR A ACTIVE HOME!

Eternity´s Quinten 2nd Exc HP

Eternity´s Queen 1st exc HP, Best female puppy and BEST OF BREED PUPPY

Eternity´s Lynx 1st Exc in open class, CK, Best male and BEST OF BREED Groenendael

Eternity´s Grimm Jr 1st Exc open class, CK, Best male and BOS

Eternity´s Oscah 1st Exc in Youngclass, CK, Best female and BEST OF BREED


Today Eternity´s Roxy became BEST OF BREED PUPPY and BIS 2 puppy!

New photos of the tervuerenpuppies, Quinten and Qalea.



Tervuerenpuppies born 2018-04-29, there might be pups available to right homes!


  Eternity´s Revenge are still available for active homes!



Tervuerenpuppies born 2018-04-29, there might be pups available to right homes!

Qalea and  Eternity´s Revenge are still available for active homes!


Eternity´s Lynx has mated Chichlas Shiva and Eternity´s Kwando has mated

Eternity´s Merlot has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows. New photos as well.


Eternity´s Calvin won BEST OF BREED x 2 days in a row in Dortmund. He can now title himself Eurosieger 2018 and Frűhjahrs-sieger 2018.

Vici´s daughter Ikkka-likka Oasis Pearl was BOS day 2.

Vici´s son and Lysahs brother was 1st Exc in Championclass and BOB in Denmarks this weekend. He also became Danish champion!

Odetta was shown at SKK Int show in Västerås, got 1st Exc in her class and 2nd best female.

Huge congratulations to you all:)!!!


New photos of Eternity´s Calvin , Eternity´s Revenge, Eternity´s Rose, Eternity´s Quasee, Eternity´s Quinten, Eternity´s Odetta, Eternity´s Kwando, Eternity´s Jackpot, Eternity´s Lynx, Eternity´s RenzoEternity´s Night, Eternity´s Merlot, ternity´s Queen, Eternity´s Mystiq, Eternity´s  Lyrah



New photos of Eternity´s Qanelle, Eternity´s Qalea, Eternity´s Queen, Eternits Revenge, Eternity´s Rose, Eternity´s Quinten, Eternity´s Quarry and Eternity´s Quasee.

Huge congratulations to Patrick & Peggy with Eternity´s Noah who today at the BHCN young dog and veteran day won 1st Exc in intermediate class and was BIS 3 Intermediate.



New photos of Eternity´s Romance, Eternity´s Rose, Eternity´s Qanelle, Eternity´s Qalea, Eternity´s Perla and Eternity´s Quasee.

Qanelle, Qalea, Rose are still avaiable for active homes!

Eternity´s Halo has been x-rayed with A hips and free elbows.




WE HAVE 5 FEMALE GROENENDAELPUPPIES AVAILABLE!!! Qanelle, Qalea, Roxy, Rose and Romance.

New photos of Eternity´s QuarryEternity´s Queen, Eternity´s Renzo,

Eternity´s Roxy, Eternity´s Rose, Eternity´s Romance, Eternity´s Grimm JR, Eternity´s Oscah, Eternity´s Grimoire, Eternity´s Lynx.


Huge Congratulations to LP I LP II Eternity´s Halo who got his 2nd !st price in obediance class 3! He is also selected to compete for Denmark in agility at FMBB 2018.

Eternity´s Grimoire has been mated by the lovely High Clearings Harley.



New photos of the Q2 puppies: Quarry, Quasee, Qalea and Qanelle. Qalea and Qanelle are available to active show/breeding/workinghomes:)

New photos of the R2 puppies  1 male & 3 females available.

New photos of Eternity´s Princess,

Lynx now have a Offspring page.

Eternity´s Kwando now has a Offspringpage.




New photos of the Q puppies: Queen, Qala, Qadira, Quinten.

Still available are 1 male and 3 females: Quasee, Quarry, Qalea, Qanelle.

Also new photos of the R puppies! Photos found on Puppyplans!



Eternity´s Lynx has mated the lovely NUCH Breakpoint´s Ulthra of Nike. Lynx has a new offspringpage.

New photos of the puppies, they now thave their own individual page. Still some females available to active homes!

Our R litter has been born, 180115, 3 males and 3 females. Puppies available to active homes!

UKC CH Eternity´s Jarah has been to 2 day show:

Day 1: Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed over specials for points.

Day 2: Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over specials for points.

Huge congratulations!!!


New photo of sr SE pE RomCH Eternity´s Kwando




New photos of the puppies. We have females available!

New photos of Eternity´s Odetta


Puppyplans updated! We have females available for active homes!

Diwa is expecting puppies in end of January. Her first litter with Nayko is a lovely litter, all dogs with lots of power, workingskills and social temperaments.

The P-litter now has individual pages.

New photos of Eternity´s Diwa.


























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